Demi Lovato Had a 'Wakeup Call' After Her Apparent Drug Overdose (Exclusive)

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Demi Lovato is determined to turn her focus back on her sobriety after her apparent drug overdose on Tuesday, a source tells ET.

Thankfully, after sources told ET the 25-year-old singer suffered from a drug overdose, she is now awake and with her family, Lovato's rep told ET on Tuesday. According to our source on Wednesday, the scary incident also has Lovato realizing she needs to get "more serious" about her issues with addiction.

"Demi opened up to her friends and family that she was no longer sober, but was working on her ongoing addiction," the source says. "However, Demi lost control. The overdose has been a wakeup call to Demi that she needs to get more serious about her sobriety and is telling friends and family she will do everything it takes to get back to the amazing place she was in before she slipped."

"Demi feels like she has let a lot of people down, including herself, but she's confident she won't let her addiction win, she will come out on top," the source adds.

The source also says that Lovato actually hadn't been sober for months prior to the apparent drug overdose.
"Demi has been honest with everyone about falling off the wagon with her song, 'Sober.' However, it's been going on much longer than the recent release of the song," the source says. "People close to Demi started to notice a shift in her personality months ago, and could tell she wasn't being the sober Demi they've known for six years."

Lovato has continuously been open about her issues with addiction throughout her career. Last month, she addressed rumors of a relapse head-on with the surprise release of "Sober." In the lyrics, she apologizes for letting down herself, her family and her fans.

"Momma, I'm so sorry, I'm not sober anymore / And daddy, please forgive me for the drinks spilled on the floor," Lovato sings on the track. "To the ones who never left me, we've been down this road before / I'm so sorry, I'm not sober anymore."

But the singer definitely has a lot of support from both fans and her celebrity friends, who have taken to social media to send messages of support. ET spoke with The Four judges DJ Khaled and Meghan Trainor on Tuesday, who also had heartfelt messages for the "Skyscraper" singer.

"I reached out to her management, and I’m going to leave a voice note on her phone when she ever gets to her phone," Khaled said, who opened for Lovato during the North American leg of her Tell Me You Love Me tour earlier this year. "But I want to say how much I love her. And I want her to know, thank you so much for being you, because I’ve seen all the great things she’s done when I was on tour with her, talking to kids and telling her stories through her music and personally, backstage."

"I’m praying for her," he added. "I know she’s a fighter and I love her. And I want her fans and everybody that knows her, bring that positive love and energy so it can reach to her, 'cause I know how much love can make you feel good."

Watch the video below to hear Trainor's well-wishes for Lovato.


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