Demi Lovato Unpacks Major Lesson From 'Transformative' Two Years

The singer joins Winnetka for the new single "fiimy (f*ck it, i miss you)."

Demi Lovato is happy being alone. During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the “Anyone” singer shared why the last two years has been “transformative” for them.

“I’ve learned how to be alone. I think that at the beginning of Covid, I wasn’t alone. A part of that situation was me not wanting to be alone and then I really came to terms with it,” they said during the interview. 

“Ever since I’ve been alone, I feel like I’ve learned more about myself. I’ve become more secure in the person that I am. It was just time that I needed to spend by myself because I feel like my whole life — well not my whole life, but ever since I started dating — I was always talking to somebody, or hooking up with someone, or in a relationship, and these past two years have been truly transformative for me.” 

In September 2020, Lovato called off their engagement with actor Max Ehrich. In May 2021, they came out as non-binary. In their latest single, "fiimy (f*ck it, i miss you)" with Matthew Koma's band, Winnetka, Lovato sings about a failed love, which they say was inspired by past relationships. 

“For me, definitely inspired by real life,” Lovato said. “We did this one early last year so some time has passed. Today, I’m feeling good being alone — but I definitely had my sad moment, for sure.”  

Lovato admitted that now, two years after returning to the stage at the GRAMMYs, they are in a great place. “I’m definitely in a better place than I was two years ago,” they said. 

“And not that I was in a bad place — but like I said, I’ve just learned a lot about myself. Today, I’m more focused. I’m more clear-headed and excited to be working on new music.” 

In January, a source told ET that Lovato started the year off by completing a stint in rehab, to start the year on the right foot. 

"They wanted to get back on track and recently swore off being California Sober," said the source. "Demi’s friends and family were there to support them during their time in rehab."

The source added of Lovato, "They wanted to start the year off on a good path, and this stay helped them with this."