Diane Lane Reacts to Matthew McConaughey Naming Her His First Hollywood Crush (Exclusive)

“I think I blocked it out.”

Diane Lane is doing her best not to swoon over Matthew McConaughey after he named her his first celebrity crush!

The Serenity co-stars spoke with ET on Wednesday at the New York City premiere of their mysterious new thriller, and McConaughey admitted to being a little sweet on Lane back in the day.

“I had a crush on her since a film she was in -- Lonesome Dove,” the 49-year-old actor confesses. “That may have been almost preteens for me, so [now] I get to work with her. She looks about the same as she did back then. And she’s one of our great actor-actresses that we have in show business, in the business of storytelling. It was a privilege I got to work with her.” 

McConaughey was so excited, in fact, he told Lane of his childhood crush during their first day on set. 

“I think I blocked it out,” Lane, 54, says of McConaughey approaching her on set. "I don’t think he lied. I think he did say that to me day one, and I just had, like, white out. I couldn’t cope. I said, ‘I’m gonna stay in character. Thank you for the compliment. I am dying. Love you too, babe.’”


As for her co-star gushing over her youthful looks, Lane is thrilled by the sentiment. 

"I’m dying. I don’t know what to say about that. I mean, I want to live up to that,” she muses. “I had a blast working with Matthew, and it’s about time that we got to work together after all these years, so I’m so happy.” 

The pair had to act professional from the start since they filmed their love scenes first. "Of course you must start with the love scenes. I mean, that’s what the cinema gods do,” Lane quips. "Hello, nice to meet you finally. Let’s get to it!" 

Serenity hits theaters on Jan. 25. Here's more from the cast: