Dierks Bentley on Why He's Turned Down Acting Opportunities and New 'Gravel & Gold' Tour (Exclusive)

ET was exclusively at the singer's rehearsals for his 'Gravel & Gold' tour.

It's all about the music for Dierks Bentley!

The country music superstar -- who is gearing up to hit the road for his Gravel & Gold tour -- tells ET that he's been asked if he wants to cross over into the world of acting on TV or reality competition, but decided that he's cool with staying in his lane.

"I don't think I'd be good enough to doing those things," the "Drunk on a Plane" singer tells ET's Rachel Smith. "It requires, like, more time away from home and I just, I don't want to. I had a chance to audition for Larry David and I decided not to do it. Because again, I'm like, 'Oh, if I get it, I don't really want to go to L.A.'"

He adds, "I got a great gig. I love what I do."

Fans across the country are going to have the chance to see him do what he loves -- and does well -- this summer when the Gravel & Gold tour kicks off June 1. After almost two decades in the music business, Bentley promises everything is going to be bigger and better than the shows that came before it.

"We want that first show to feel like our 100th show," he says. "I have so much respect for these fans that come out, spend their money and come see us and we want that first show to have all the excitement of like a new show, new tour. I haven't totally figured out all its lighting and what the setlist is gonna be, and obviously the transitions and stuff. It's a lot of work to make it feel like it's easy." 

He adds, "Like any creative endeavor, it all comes down just to passionate people and work. Doing the work, because you're passionate about it. So band and crew, great guys."

In addition to a more intimate stage that will mimic his time on the road playing smaller bluegrass shows, Bentley's fans will be treated to a screen that will run videos in conjunction with the set. The singer says it's "all brand new" -- from the visuals to the stage. 

Fans are also getting a rotating list of country music superstars who will join Bentley for certain legs of the tour.

"Jordan Davis is up the whole summer," he tells ET. "I mean, his career is on fire. He's a great guy. He's a great guy to be around. Great live show, has huge hits. So the crowds are gonna be in a great mood by the time I go out there, which is awesome."

"We also have a lot of amazing, great opening acts that is gonna revolve every weekend," he says.  "Molly Tuttle, who I'm a huge fan of, bluegrass, she's coming out there. Caitlyn Smith, Caylee Hammack. Elle King's gonna be on the road a little bit. The Cadillac Three are gonna be out there. I love those guys. Shane Smith coming out with us. Gonna be every week, seems like someone new and exciting for us to go check out and watch. I just couldn't be more excited about the folks we have kicking it off every night."

Even though he's only in rehearsals, Bentley can already tell what he and the fans can expect when they come out for a show.

"It feels like it's most fun," he says. "It's fun for us to run around on, just feels like home already. We haven't even gotten on the road yet. But just being on the stage feels very comfortable."

Dierks Bentley’s Gravel & Gold tour starts June 1.