Drew Barrymore Comforts Audience Member Who Starts Crying During Her Show

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Drew Barrymore showed a lot of mad love to an audience member who, out of nowhere, started crying, which prompted the daytime talk show host to ask, "Whose a** do I gotta kick?"

The show's verified Instagram account took to the platform on Thursday and posted a heartwarming video of the 48-year-old TV personality running to the woman's side after noticing her overcome with emotion. Barrymore and co-host, Ross Mathews, were sitting on the edge of the stage in what appeared to be a conversation that went down during a commercial break, before or after the show taped.

In any event, Barrymore stopped dead in her tracks when she noticed the woman, named Olivia, crying. The video shows Barrymore, dressed in a green suit, running over to Oliva and asking, "Are you OK? did anything happen? Whose a** do I have to kick?"

With Olivia too overcome with emotion, it was her friend who relayed to Barrymore that "she loves you so much," prompting Barrymore to react with relief.

"Oh god. Thank god it's nothing bad!" she exclaims. "Did you see me coming up here? 'Tell me where they are 'cause I will take them down! Who made her cry?!'"

Olivia then proceeds to tell Barrymore she's her childhood idol and that she didn't want to be "that person to cry." But Barrymore wasn't having it. She implored Olivia to let it all out.

"Oh, screw that," she says. "Be that person!"

Barrymore then tries to give Olivia a hug but does one better when she also sits on her lap and gives her a warm embrace before offering some sweet words mixed in with some Barrymore-esque humor.

"This is just such an honor to meet you," Barrymore tells Olivia. "I’m sorry I have dumpling breath. And it’s so funny that you would say, 'I don’t wanna cry here.' I cry here all the time."

Fans flooded the post's comments section and revealed what would have been their reaction if the iconic personality comforted them in the same manner.

"I feel like Drew sitting on my lap would permanently rewire my brain and cure my lifelong existential angst and insomnia and anxiety," one fan wrote. Another fan said she wasn't surprised by Barrymore's loving gesture.

"Drew came in to a grocery store in NYC late at night when I was a cashier and she was SO NICE to me & my coworker!" the fan commented. "No one else was in the store and she took time to talk to us and was so damn sweet, I will never forget that."


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