Drew Barrymore Gets a Birthday Surprise From Jimmy Fallon (Exclusive)

Check out the talk show host's reaction to her surprise birthday gift.

Drew Barrymore has reached a new level of fame. On Thursday, the talk show host celebrates her 48th birthday, and her Fever Pitch co-star and pal, Jimmy Fallon, is on hand to make it extra special.

From his Tonight Show desk, Fallon makes a surprise appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show and reveals to his friend that she's getting her own wax figure at Madame Tussauds.

A shocked Barrymore is even more in awe when she sees that the wax museum has brought to set several of their celebrity figures, including Fallon, Harry Styles, Rihanna and Steven Spielberg, who directed Barrymore in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

"These are so lifelike. This is so crazy," the talk show host exclaims to Rachel Dratch, who has the same birthday as her, and Ross Mathews. "I've never gotten to do anything like this. I have to secretly admit, I always wondered like, 'Would I ever get picked?' And I didn't think I would."

Earlier this month, Barrymore shared with ET how she plans to spend her last year in her 40s. 

"This is the end of an era and I really want to acknowledge that and celebrate it. And without question, my 40s have been my favorite decade of my life," she said. "I've conquered the most demons in this year. I started working at 11 months old, I've seen some stuff. But this year is my strongest, truest to myself, not playing any characters. I'm just me. I'm just a mom. You know, I'm just trying to figure all this out --  just feeling so lucky. "

Barrymore's wax figure isn't the only surprise! Check out The Drew Barrymore Show on Thursday to see what else is in store for the host's big day. 


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