Dwayne Johnson Surprises a Hollywood Tour Bus and Their Reactions Are Priceless

Watch The Rock's sweet interactions with fans.

Dwayne Johnson recently had some fun shocking a few lucky fans on a Hollywood tour bus. In a video taken from his car that he posted on both Instagram and his Tiktok account, the 49-year-old actor surprised an unexpected tour bus while driving and made all of their days.

In the video, Johnson explains that there's a tour bus that always comes by his neighborhood. He then stops right next to the bus -- which reads "celebrity homes and lifestyle tours" -- asking the people on it, "Hey, you guys know where I can find The Rock?"

The fans eagerly pull out their phones and start screaming, with one woman exclaiming, "Oh my god!" Johnson laughs and asks how they're doing and waits while they all get their photos.

"Well, that was fun," he says as he drives away. "It's a good way to start off my Saturday."

Johnson captioned the video on Instagram, "Love pullin' up in my pickup truck beside all these tour buses that tour my neighborhood and surprising the heck outta people!!! One of the cool parts of fame and my job ~ makin' a few folks happy."

Another thing that also undoubtedly makes The Rock's fans happy are the rumors that he's returning to the WWE. ET spoke to Johnson last month and he addressed the rumors. Watch the video below for more.