'DWTS' Pro Witney Carson Guest Starring on 'All That' With Kel Mitchell -- See the First Look! (Exclusive)

The episode airs Saturday, Jan. 25 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

Yippie Skippy#TeamDanceWitKel is still going strong!

After competing together on season 28 of Dancing With the Stars, Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson are teaming up once again. ET exclusively revealed back in December that Witney would be guest-starring alongside Kel in an All That "Good Burger" revival sketch, and now, we have your exclusive first look at what to expect.

Kel will reprise his hilarious role as cashier Ed from the original '90s sketch comedy show, whose most memorable line was, "Welcome to Good Burger, home of the good burger, can I take your order?" Witney, meanwhile, will play herself.

In a teaser clip from the episode, airing Saturday, Jan. 25 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on Nickelodeon, Ed gets starstruck when Witney stops by the fast-food restaurant. "Yeah, you're on that show with the dancing! Yeah, the dancing, with the stars," he exclaims. "I don't know the name of the show though."

"You should have won. You were robbed," he continues. "You would have got first if you didn't have that lousy dance partner. This Kel guy."

Witney chimes in, saying, "What? Kel was great. Can I just order, please?" Watch the full clip in the player above to see what happens next!


Speaking with ET in December, Kel previously teased that the episode was going to be "so cool."

"The fans wanted a Good Burger dance [on DWTS], and now they're going to get it," Kel teased. "It's Good Burger and Dancing!"

"So many fans wanted us to do a Good Burger dance routine but it just never fit during the season," Witney added. "We had talked about this for a long time, but we have kept it a secret for, I would say, months."

"Before I even asked anybody, I was like, 'Hey, Witney, you wanna do a sketch on All That?' She was like, WHAT? Of course!" Kel, who is an executive producer on the series with Kenan Thompson, explained how the cameo came to be. "So then I was like, 'We need to have Witney on here.' I talked to the other producers and they were like, 'OK, which [sketch] should we have her do?' They wrote me back and said the writers decided we should do Good Burger, which is pretty cool."

"I told Kel, 'If I have a skit with you, I'm just playing myself... don't make me play a character,'" Witney recalled. "I haven't really acted before, so I was like, 'I'll do it if I can play myself.' Kel told me to have fun and just go for it; don't be afraid and just feed off the audience."

The tables have certainly turned, as acting put Witney out of her element and comfort zone, much like dancing the salsa, foxtrot and more on DWTS did for Kel. But according to the comedian, his former dance partner crushed her scenes!

"She's been doing great with the acting. It's cool seeing her eyes light up," he shared. "She used to watch the show when she was a kid, so it's pretty cool seeing her on the set, asking questions. It's literally like how I was on the first day of Dancing With the Stars. I was like, 'OK, so this is where we dance, that's where the judges are.' Now it's like, This is Good Burger, this is where the burgers are... 'are these real fries?' It's totally flipped now!"

Witney weighed in, telling ET the whole experience was "crazy" and "really nerve-wracking."

"I never really get nervous for dancing or anything, but this is so different from what I usually do," she said. "Now I'm in Kel's world and I am super honored to be on All That. It's such an iconic show."

Shot in front of a live studio audience, All That also stars Ryan Alessi, Reece Caddell, Kate Godfrey, Gabrielle Nevaeh Green, Nathan Janak, Lex Lumpkin and Chinguun Sergelen, with new cast member Aria Brooks joining the ensemble of comedians in January.

"All the kids are playing the judges as well, so that's going to be funny," Kel teased. "You get to see a funny version of Bruno Tonioli, Len Goodman and Carrie Ann Inaba. You're also going to see some burgers and shakes dancing around. It's going to be awesome!"

"These kids are so freaking cute ... they play it so well, it's spot-on," Witney added. "They are so talented and they've actually given me so much support. They're like, 'You're going to do great!' and they're like, 13. I'm like, Help me!"

Back in November, Kenan showed Kel and Witney plenty of love in the days leading up to the DWTS finale, where they placed second after Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten.

"He's crushing it!" Kenan raved at the time. "He's going all the way. I think he's going to win."

"Yeah, he's been dancing for forever," he added. "I've had the pleasure of witnessing it all of our lives but now America gets to see it. I'm happy for him, man. Go get that, man. Win that thing!"

Be sure to catch Witney and Kel in action all over again, on the new episode of All That, airing Saturday, Jan. 25 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on Nickelodeon. In the meantime, hear more about the dance duo in the video below.