Dylan Dreyer Reveals 6-Year-Old Son Has Celiac Disease: He Was in 'Excruciating Pain'

Dylan Dreyer and Calvin

The TV personality had to sanitize her home and get rid of all the old pots and pans to avoid cross-contamination.

Dylan Dreyer is opening up about a struggle her family has been experiencing for several months. The 41-year-old Today meteorologist and co-anchor spoke out on Wednesday's show, sharing that her eldest son, 6-year-old Calvin, has been diagnosed with celiac disease after several mysterious medical symptoms.

According to the Mayo Clinic, celiac disease is "an immune reaction to eating gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye."

"Starting last year, my oldest son, Calvin, has been dealing with excruciating pain. We consulted several doctors and we couldn't figure it out, until we finally learned Calvin has celiac disease," Dreyer shared.

Calvin appeared in the segment, and said of his symptoms, "It was like a sharp pain every day, not a different pain, a sharp pain."

Dreyer said that in addition to having sharp stomach pains due to an ulcer, her son also had a consistent ear ache, numbness in his fingers, and a rash on his scalp.

After testing positive for celiac, he had to undergo an endoscopy where they discovered his stomach ulcer.

Dreyer, who is also mom to 3-year-old son Oliver and 1-year-old son, Russell, entirely removed gluten from their family's diet and thoroughly sanitized their home to eliminate cross-contamination, even getting rid of their pots and pans.

"Now that I don't eat gluten, I feel terrific!" Calvin shared. "One hundred percent better. No, 1,000 percent better."

Dreyer noted that she shared Calvin's story as a part of Celiac Awareness Month.