Emily Osment and Montana Jordan Reveal When 'Young Sheldon' Spinoff Starts Shooting (Exclusive)

ET chatted with the stars of the upcoming spinoff at the 2024 CMT Music Awards.

No one is more excited for the Young Sheldon spinoff to star production than its stars! ET's Cassie DiLaura chatted with Emily Osment and Montana Jordan at the 2024 CMT Music Awards in Austin, Texas, on Sunday, where the dynamic duo gave a mini update on the upcoming spinoff based on their characters.

"We're so excited, I just can't wait," Osment told ET on the red carpet of the CMT Music Awards. "We're starting in July, I think, and we're kind of a little blown away by all the people that are around us right now, and the fact that we get to do this because this amazing show is so great."

When Young Sheldon comes to a close with the season 7 finale on Thursday, fans can expect the Big Bang Theory universe to expand once again, as the CBS spinoff series follows George (Jordan) and Mandy (Osment) raising their family in Texas. Chuck Lorre, Steven Molaro and Steve Holland are the creators. The trio's also the brains behind The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon.

The project has been in the works since January and is expected to be part of CBS' 2024-25 TV slate.

While the stars may be ready to start filming this summer, Jordan shares that they haven't seen "anything" for the new series yet, not even the scripts. 

"And we're not acting, we actually haven't," Osment swore as Jordan reiterated that they "have no idea."

Emily Osment and Montana Jordan at the 2024 CMT Music Awards on April 7. - Gilbert Flores/Billboard via Getty Images

Despite the excitement of a sequel series, Young Sheldon's end is sure to be emotional. When ET visited the set as they filmed the final season of the CBS comedy series, Iain Armitage, the titular star of the Big Bang Theory prequel series, reflected on what it's been like to grow up on set.

Armitage, who was just nine when he was cast and will turn 16 this summer, raved about how "incredible" it's been. "I don't think you can wrap up a seven-year experience that has been as wonderful as this," Armitage said. "Every single person that works here, every cast member, every crew member, works so hard. [They're] so dedicated to what they do. They're so funny and they really feel like family."

Jim Parsons, who will reprise his Big Bang Theory role as adult Sheldon Cooper alongside Mayim Bialik's Amy Farrah Fowler for the series finale, later told ET that going back to a familiar role went so much better than he expected.

"It was beautiful. It was even more beautiful than I expected it to be. One of the reasons I was excited to do it is because what they wrote is so sweet and I think they worked Mayim and I into that show so beautifully," Parsons told ET. "I hope everyone agrees. But also for us the way that they tape -- because they're a single-camera show and we're multi-camera -- the whole look of the show was a really special experience. To get to go with Mayim, in a world we're really guests and revisit these characters a little older, just a completely different circumstance."

When they reprise their roles on Young Sheldon on what will likely be a flash-forward scene, it'll be the first time Parsons and Bialik reprise their roles and appear on-screen together since The Big Bang Theory ended in May 2019. Parsons said that since leaving the show, everything's been like "one big wash of a memory, but to go back" it felt different.

"We're older and we haven't seen these people," he says. "It just felt different, but it felt really, really sweet."

"I really think it goes back to the writers," said Parsons, explaining what makes the shows successful. "They have continuously created such characters that people connect to, that people enjoy watching. It was always the key to our show, that I thought it was a group of people that who each individually were such well-defined deep characters. And it's the same with Young Sheldon and now they've got two more to go with. It's crazy."