Eva Longoria Jokes About Bringing 'Latina Spice' to the Spice Girls Tour (Exclusive)

ET caught up with the actress at the Eva Longoria Foundation Gala in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Eva Longoria is ready to join the Spice Girls on their tour!

ET's Keltie Knight caught up with 43-year-old actress at the Eva Longoria Foundation Gala in Los Angeles on Thursday, where she joked about taking her bestie Victoria Beckham's spot in the British girl group.

Earlier this week, the Spice Girls announced that they would be reuniting, sans Beckham, for six shows in the U.K.

"You know what, I am known around the ways as Latina Spice," Longoria jokingly said. "I don't know if they need me to sing, but I'm a good backup dancer!"

Back in 2015, Longoria dubbed herself "Latina Spice" at David Beckham's birthday party, which also counted as a Spice Girls reunion with Beckham, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell and Melanie C.

Girl group aside, Longoria was so happy to have Zoe Saldana be in attendance and support her foundation, which aims to unlock the full potential of Latinas all over the world. Gina Rodriguez and Rosario Dawson were also there. 

"It means the world to me that Zoe’s here, but more importantly that we get to celebrate and honor and applaud all of the work she does for women everywhere, " Longoria expressed, with Saldana by her side. "For me and the foundation, we celebrate Latinas. Young Latina’s can’t be what they can’t see, and so to be able to see somebody like Zoe is so important to me because this night’s more about what my foundation does. It’s about celebrating what everybody’s doing in our community and putting a big, loud spotlight on it, a big loud voice, because there’s so much overlapping with what we’re doing."

"It’s important to connect the dots and it’s important for us to have this sisterhood and uplift each other and applaud each other," she added.

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Both Longoria and Saldana had been busy these past weeks, campaigning and encouraging Latinxs to vote.

"We just recently came back from campaigning together and we were having so much fun that we forgot it was work," Longoria said. Meanwhile, Longoria also shared that as a new mom she was going to Saldana for baby advice. "She has boys and I have a boy, and so it’s perfect!" 

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Longoria had previously gushed to ET about how obsessed and in love she was with her baby Santiago. 

Watch what she shared in the video below.



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