EXCLUSIVE: 'Blindspot' Debuts Luminescent Season 3 Poster -- See the Mysterious New Clues!


Blindspot is facing a glowing new threat in season three.

ET exclusively debuts the first look at the brand new poster for the upcoming season and it features the bioluminescent tattoos that were revealed as part of the twist at the end of the sophomore finale.

Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) are front and center on the poster, with Jane’s new layer of tats at the forefront.

The new season of Blindspot also boasts an ominous new tagline: “A new body of clues. A new threat uncovered.”

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When Blindspot returns in a little over a month, there will be big changes amongst the team. The finale jumped forward in time two years, revealing Jane to be living like a hermit in the mountains and Weller finding her after a substantial amount of time apart after they presumably married.

“The mystery of how you go from them finally hooking up and saying ‘I love you’ to Jane living on a mountain somewhere is an answer I hope the audience wants us to answer next season and we will in the very first episode,” creator Martin Gero told ET in May.

He also revealed why he felt it important to add a new layer of ink to Jane’s body, sharing the tats will be the driving force of the new season.

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“We always felt that the original tattoos only had two seasons of story in them because they contain prescient information and that starts to feel unbelievable into season three, regardless of how much actual time has passed on the show,” Gero explained. “It was always the plan to do this refresh between season two and season three of another layer on her body.”

“The fun thing is -- and this might be a mild season three spoiler -- the new layer of tattoos does reference the bottom layer of tattoos,” he teased. “It does become a three-dimensional chess game, refreshing the old information while giving new information as well.”

Blindspot kicks off season three on Friday, Oct. 27 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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