George Clooney Says His Twins Are Already Great at Pulling Pranks

George Clooney
Duncan McGlynn/Getty Images

The veteran actor also offered an update on his wife, Amal Clooney.

Like father, like twins!

George Clooney, along with Christopher Abbott and Kyle Chandler, stopped by the Today show to discuss their new Hulu miniseries Catch-22, where the leading man revealed that his kids, Ella and Alexander, are already taking after their dear old dad when it comes to getting up to shenanigans!

"They're not terrible twos. They're good kids. They're happy kids. They laugh a lot. They do pranks already," the 58-year-old actor shared. "Put peanut butter on their shoes so that it looks like poo-poo on their shoes and stuff, and they think that's funny."

"They really come out with the personalities that they're born with," he added. "They're just completely different personalities and they're fun and smart, and, I mean, they already can -- you know, do all their ABCs in Italian and in English and I can't do that in English."

While on hand, Clooney also offered an update on how his wife, Amal Clooney, a renowned human rights attorney, is doing.

"She's, you know, she's taking ISIS to court for the first time anybody's taking ISIS to court," he explained. "She's working on trying to get the Reuters journalists out of Myanmar. She's doing all that and she's also an incredible mom. Like, an incredible mom. And a pretty great wife too. So I feel like I hit the jackpot."

In summer of 2018, Clooney spoke with ET about embracing fatherhood and celebrating his kiddos' first birthday, which they understandably slept through.

"Yesterday was their birthday. They are one year," George joked at the American Film Institute's 46th Life Achievement Award Gala Tribute. "They were kind of on Europe time, so they were sleeping during most of the day. We had a cake, [we were] waiting, and we wake them up and show it to them, and then they go back to sleep."

And last Halloween, while attending the second Casamigos Halloween party in a row, he chatted about why he'd missed the previous night with a fatherly anecdote.

"Last night, [Casamigos co-founder Rande Gerber and wife Cindy Crawford] were dressed up as rock stars, and I was dressed up as a guy cleaning crap out of a baby's diaper," Clooney joked to ET. "It was a fantastic costume. Oh, so much fun, you could imagine the fun I had last night."

Catch-22 arrives on Hulu on May 17.