Halle Berry Responds to Troll Who Says She 'Can't Keep a Man'

The actress added that 'no man has ever taken care of me.'

Halle Berry isn't about to let Internet trolls have the final word! The 54-year-old actress took to Instagram to share the message, "Women don't owe you s**t." 

And when some commenters seemingly took offense to the sentiment, Berry was ready with a few choice comebacks. 

When one person replied, "Says the women who can't keep a man," Berry retorted, "Who says I wanna keep the wrong man? Cuz.... I don't."

Another one wrote, "Geesh Halle, had some trouble with men in your life??" to which Berry responded with a series of laughing, crying emojis, writing, "Nope, they had trouble with me."

When someone else said this was a double standard and that women look for men to take care of them, Berry quickly clarified, "No man has ever taken care of me... EVER!"

Another commenter wrote that Berry was to blame for all of her failed past relationships, saying she couldn't keep a man. 

"Who said I wanted to keep them?" Berry responded. "I'm all about living your best life. If you make a wrong move, course correct and re-spin and start again!"

Berry also got personal, calling out her ex Gabriel Aubry without directly mentioning him by name. Berry and Aubry share daughter, Nahla, 12, and were previously involved in several court cases surrounding their custody and child support agreements.  

After one commenter spoke about Berry owing child support to her ex and brought up the allegation that he had "called her the N-word," she replied, "And it takes great strength eryday to pay it. And BTW it's wrong and it's extortion!" 

Berry also shares 7-year-old son Maceo with her estranged husband, Olivier Martinez. She replied to another commenter discussing the topic of child support. 

"As for child support I feel I can speak on it as I've been paying it for a decade now. I feel if a woman or man is having to pay support that is way more than the reasonable needs to help SUPPORT the child, I think that is wrong!" Berry wrote. "I understand some parents (man or woman) may need help, but I also feel that in these modern times both men and women have the responsibility to financially take care of their children and work hard and make every effort to do so." 

Berry added that she felt laws allow people to "USE children in order to be awarded money to live a lifestyle that not only they did not earn, but that is way above and beyond the child's reasonable needs, and that is 'THE WRONG' and where I see the abuse."