Heidi Klum Teases Her Next-Level Halloween Costume and 'Very Special' 20-Year Bash (Exclusive)

The supermodel's got another epic costume up her sleeve.

Heidi Klum goes all out every Halloween -- but this year, she's feeling some pressure. 

ET's Denny Directo spoke with the supermodel at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, where she debuted her own design of limited-edition Minnie Mouse ears, and opened up about her plans for this year's epic Halloween bash taking place in New York City. Klum hosted her first Halloween party in 2000, so she's coming up on a big anniversary. 

"I'm gonna do something very, very special," she teased. "I'm trying to do something very special on that day, because it's 20 years already. I can't believe it! 20 years ago, I thought, 'There is no real cool party in New York City and someone has to do this.' And so I did."

The model doesn't plan to stop the festivities anytime soon. "Why not [do it another 20 years]? Why stop the fun when you get older?" she asked. "I think we should have more fun when we get older!"

Over the years, Klum has impressed in costumes like a human body, old lady and Jessica Rabbit. Last year, she wowed as Princess Fiona alongside her now-husband Tom Kaulitz, who dressed as Shrek. 

"He's game," she said of whether fans will see another couples costume from the pair this year. "So, yes." 

Klum feels the need to top herself year after year -- despite the difficulty. "I'm pressuring myself. It's not the outside world, it's really me. I want to outdo myself every year again," she revealed. 

So far, fans have gotten just a hint at this year's costume in an Instagram video she posted in August. 

"I'm going to have a very hard time walking, and it's going to take a really long time putting it together," she told ET, adding that she never gets a "dress rehearsal" for her Halloween costumes, because they take so long to apply. "I never try it before [Halloween], all the different prothestics, because it cost a lot of money and to make these pieces takes hours."

"Sometimes I sit there for 10 to 12 hours. When I turned myself into a really old woman, it took like, 12 hours, so you don't really rehearse any of this stuff," she explained. "You do it on the day and you hope that it works out. So far it always did, but you never know. Fingers and toes crossed!"

The mom of four has seen her love of Halloween rub off on her kids. "Of course they [get excited]. They have their ideas of what they want to wear and sometimes it get a little pricey," she confessed. "I'm like, 'But its only for that one day,' and they go, 'But I need these shoes!'"

"Then they look at me and they're like, 'Well, you go all out. ' And I'm like, 'Yeah, I get it. So you want to go all out too,'" she added.

It's been a busy time for the newlywed, who is balancing motherhood and her upcoming Halloween party with the launch of her new exclusive Minnie Mouse headband. The sparkly headpiece is part of the Disney Parks Designer Collection, a line of limited-release Mickey ear hats and Minnie ear headbands designed by notable celebrities, designers and artists. While the park offers a variety of headwear ranging from $19.99 and up, Klum's luxury ears are $600 and feature over 150 Swarovski crystals, weighing half a pound.

Richard Harbaugh/Disneyland Resort

Next up for Klum is "hopefully more fun," she shared. 

"I have a lot of things that I'm planning and doing, like this for example. It takes a long time to do this. We started this probably a year and a half ago. So everything takes a lot of lead time, so when you see something next year, I'm working on it right now, so I'm always planning things and doing things, and then boom, all of the sudden they're there," she said. "Surprise!"

See more on Klum in the video below. 


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