How Christina Milian Kept Her Pregnancy a Secret While Filming 'Resort to Love' (Exclusive)

ET spoke with the actress about her new Netflix movie, premiering July 29.

Christina Milian is opening up about motherhood, and how she kept her pregnancy a secret while filming her new Netflix movie, Resort to Love.

The 39-year-old actress, who gave birth to her third child, baby boy Kenna, in April, told ET that being a mom of three is something she "never expected." Milian shares Kenna and 1-year-old Isaiah with boyfriend Matt Pokora. She's also mom to 11-year-old daughter Violet with ex-husband The-Dream.

"It's so funny ... I went from being, like, in my 20s saying, 'I'm good, I don't really want to have kids,' to I have a whole house full of kids now," Milian joked to ET's Matt Cohen. "I got two boys and a girl, it's awesome. Honestly, the unknown is probably one of the best things in life, actually living out and seeing where I am now, it's pretty cool. So yeah, mom life is good, and I'm a working mom so it makes me even happier. It's a great balance."

"Kenna is the sweetest little baby. He adores his big brother," she continued. "Isaiah's only a year and a half as of yesterday, and [Kenna] watches him and he's smiling. I already know Kenna's gonna get the blame for all the bad stuff that Isaiah's gonna do. He's so cute and he's gonna follow whatever his brother tells him to do. I can already tell the admiration is there."

Milian told ET that filming Resort to Love was a really special experience for her, as she made it a family affair.

"I usually go and film things by myself, but this time I had my husband, I had Isaiah, I was pregnant. I had my mom, sister and my nephew, so it was awesome," she explained. "Anything you can think of you do on vacation we did it and we did it good! Honestly, filming this movie, it was work and play, and a lot more play."

As for being pregnant while shooting the movie, Milian said the most challenging part was keeping it a secret.

"I didn't tell anybody on set," she revealed. "My stomach started to grow, so it went from, like, a flat stomach when I got there and then like within two months you start to grow. So literally the last week I told everyone. They were like, 'We knew.'"

"I didn't want it to get in the way, or anybody to feel like they had to give me special treatment," she continued. "I was like, 'No. I'm gonna do this, I'm not saying anything.' It was fun."

Milian plays the role of "a passionate dreamer" named Erica in Resort to Love, which premieres July 29 on Netflix.

"My character ... she put her whole life into her music, and unfortunately her music career gets shattered by her record label," Milian teased. "It's not gonna happen. She's lost everything and doesn't know what she's gonna do next until her best friend offers her the position to go to this beautiful island. She's got be a resort singer, not ideally what she wanted to be or to do, but what are the odds she's gonna bump into anybody, especially her ex-fiancé."

"This movie's about kinda beating the odds, kinda going through major heartbreak for so many things that you have, for love or for music that Erica has and then confronting life head-on in the most beautiful place," she added. "It's a really sweet movie. It's got a lot of heart to it and it's a lot of comedy. It's really fun and funny, so I'm happy I got to play out this role and I got to sing in the movie too."

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