How Nick Cannon, Bre Tiesi Kept the Birth of Their New Baby a Secret for a Full Month

The model announced the birth of their child this week, but is now revealing how and why she kept his arrival under wraps.

Bre Tiesi is revealing her social media secrets following the birth of her first child, son Legendary, with Nick Cannon

It all started with a selfie snapped at the gym in which she wrote, "and I'm backkkkk" on Tuesday, just one day after revealing she had given birth. Fans were quick to question how she was working out so soon, when the typical recommendation is to resume gentle physical activity six to eight weeks after delivery.

"When you have a natural delivery you actually recover much quicker!" she responded. "I waited three weeks to be cleared and took it easy and listened to my body." As documented in her birth vlog, Tiesi experienced an unmedicated home labor, giving birth on June 28.

"I am healed," she answered another question. "My baby is a month old... I'm also taking it easy, listening to my body and doing all low impact." 

Then, she revealed how and why she kept Legendary's arrival under wraps for so long. 

"I had planned on keeping a secret my whole pregnancy and announcing when he was born or his first bday etc butttt someone sold me out months in," she wrote. "After [that] I knew to never say how far along I was and I had enough photos to keep posting like I was pregnant.

"I've said this before and I'll say it again.. y'all see what I want you to see." 

Tiesi shared an incredibly intimate account of her delivery experience on her YouTube page, including how she attempted to naturally induce labor all the way up to the intense moments of transition. She also shared that her son didn't immediately cry and needed respiratory support after birth due to a long crown. 

Asked why she took her time in revealing the news of his arrival, she wrote, "I took my time because I wanted to enjoy my son and my family and allow my body, mind and soul the true peace to recover and embrace every moment." 

Tiesi called the internet "a dark, nasty place" and said she wanted to protect herself and her son from online trolls. 

"This was the most vulnerable thing I've ever done," she added. "I'm glad I made this choice. I would [have] been [too] fragile right after."

Tiesi spoke to ET ahead of the birth of her baby -- Cannon's eighth -- and shared how she handles all the chatter about why she chose to have her first child with a man who shares so many other children already.

"I'm not really opinionated in other's people business. That's not really my thing," she said. "When it first started happening I was just like, 'I don't understand why everyone is so concerned. Like, why are you upset about what happens in my household?' For me, it doesn't actually genuinely affect me. I understand people's side and they're used to their conventional relationships. That's what's instilled in us. Whatever you want to call this has been going on for years."

Cannon has been gushing about the new addition on his own social media pages, revealing Legendary Love's sweet nicknames in a new post. "Y'all know I do the MOST with these names," he teased with a laughing emoji, referring to his son as LL Cool Cannon, LLC, Young Le-Lo and Brother Love.

For more on the new baby, watch below. 


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