How Robin Thicke Stays Connected to His Late Father Alan Two Years After His Death (Exclusive)

The singer also shared why his 8-year-old son, Julian, makes him so proud.

Robin Thicke always keeps his late father close to his heart.

Thursday marked the two-year anniversary of the death of his dad, legendary actor Alan Thicke, and ET was with the "Blurred Lines" singer on the set of his new Fox show, The Masked Singer, where he opened up to his co-judge Jenny McCartney about how his new gig helps him connect with Alan again.

"Do you feel like you get any signs from your dad? Any confirmations," Jenny asked Robin.

"Oh, all the time. It was funny. After the first episode that we shot, I went home and I had a mini missing him breakdown because he loved this," the singer shared, adding that his dad was the ultimate showman and would've gotten a kick out of the show.
"He loved primetime television. He loved celebrity; He was from a small mining town in Northern Ontario, Canada. So, to him, this was his dream," he shared. "And when I got home I wanted to call him so bad and make him proud of me. So he's with me all the time."

Robin is a proud father himself. He has a son, Julian, with ex-wife Paula Patton, and a baby girl, Mia, with girlfriend April Love Geary, who is also pregnant with their second daughter together. While he may not have his father around, Julian makes him proud because he wants to be a singer like his dad.

"The reason I'm proud is because he wants to be a singer," Robin shared. "But I always tell him, 'You know, daddy didn't even start performing in front of people 'till I was 13 or 14.' So when he heard that, he got very excited and he sang 'Amazing Grace' at his talent show at only 8 years old. I was just the proudest dad because for him to have the confidence to go up there and sing in front of people at such a young age, he's already many steps ahead of me."

For more on Robin, watch below.

The Masked Singer premieres Jan. 2 on Fox.



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