Idris Elba Recalls Getting Asked to DJ Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding

Idris Elba
Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Moet & Chandon

The charming actor also discussed his upcoming Coachella gig.

Starring in huge action movies alongside the likes of Dwayne Johnson. Creating TV shows. DJing royal weddings. What doesn’t Idris Elba do?!

On Wednesday, the British heartthrob appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he opened up about when Prince Harry asked him to DJ his and Meghan Markle’s wedding reception last year, and his dumbfounded response.

“So Harry and I, we’ve hung out a couple of times through his dad’s charity, The Prince’s Trust, helped me out as a young actor,” he explained to Ellen DeGeneres. “And so I do a lot of work with them; met Harry and William a few times. And Harry came to a couple of parties that I DJed and he was like, ‘Hey man, what are you doing on that date?’ And I go, ’Ah nothing.’ And he goes, ‘Hmm, would you DJ at my wedding?'”

That’s when the 46-year-old actor offered the daytime talk show host a baffled expression, “I was like, ‘Is this a joke? Are you joking?’”

The leading man was on hand to promote his upcoming Netflix series, Turn Up Charlie, which centers on a middle-aged DJ and perennial bachelor who's trying to make it big. While chatting, Elba was honest that the show is definitely based on his experience and long-standing desire to spin music.

“I created it with a co-creator and influenced the writing,” he stated. “I mean, Charlie’s about a 40-year-old DJ, you know, and I guess I’m that 40-year-old DJ.”

However, those real-life aspirations appear to be coming to fruition. Besides doing the biggest wedding of 2018, he also’s got another coveted gig coming up — Coachella.

After excitingly acknowledging that he got the job, DeGeneres informed the actor that attendees tend to go all out with their Coachella outfits, including risqué garments, bodysuits and more.

“So, we got you something to wear, because you have to fit in,” the host announced before an assistant came out on stage with a huge flower crown and flower thong for Elba, who immediately put both on!

Check out all the fun up above.