Inside Christina Aguilera's 39th Birthday Bash: Demi Lovato, Wardrobe Malfunctions and More!

Christina Aguilera
Group LA via Getty Images

The singer went all-out for her last birthday party of her 30s.

Xtina is finishing out her 30s in style! Christina Aguilera officially turned 39 on Wednesday, but over the weekend, she celebrated the milestone with a vibrant birthday party, complete with friends, dancing, and even a minor wardrobe malfunction. 

In a new video titled "Xtina's Birthday Bash," the pop diva is seen entering her party in a sparkly cherry red scoop-neck dress that accidentally pops open, revealing her black pasties. Not one to get embarrassed by the slip, Aguilera then flashes the pastie again, laughing. 

Set to the soundtrack of Dreamville's "Down Bad," Aguilera's party looks like some good ole fashioned "Dirrty" fun. She's seen busting a move with some of her backup dancers, getting a lap dance, and hugging pal and collaborator Demi Lovato

Lovato even brought along her new boyfriend, Austin Wilson, to the festivities as the pair can be seen talking with Aguilera in the clip while seated at a table. 

"Entering the last year of my 30s with the best vibes...dancing, singing, salsa-ing. What a night. SO thankful for everyone in my life who’s been on this journey with me. Who has stuck by me through and through. 'She came, she conquered. Get ready 2020' ???? lezgetitttt," Aguilera captioned the clip.

She also posted some photo shoot shots of her party look and a silver sparkly dress in honor of her birthday. But the celebrating didn't end there. A pal also hired a mariachi band to play outside her window at midnight going into her actual birthday on Wednesday. 

"So I walk out on my balcony. I'm about to fall asleep, it's midnight, officially my birthday, and I have this!" Aguilera tells her Instagram followers on her Story. Her pal, Gilbert Saldivar, who set up the gift, shared a complete video from the surprise.