Inside Jennifer Aniston's New Beginning at 50 (Exclusive)

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At 50, Jennifer Aniston is looking to be her best self.

SinceFriends, the actress' personal life has been the talk of many tabloids and gossip magazines over the last couple of decades. Now, she's putting herself first and looking at her past marriages -- Brad Pitt (2000–2005) and Justin Theroux (2018-2017) -- as learning lessons.

"Jennifer is doing incredibly well. She is focusing on herself and she absolutely loves being single," a source tells ET. "Breakups are never easy but she truly has remained positive about the situation. She has moved on. She feels she grew more as a person and learned more from her relationship with Justin than she has learned in any relationship in her life with a man.” 

"She feels her time with Justin was her deepest, most mature relationship," the source says, adding, "While their last year wasn't easy, they remained together and she even learned from that. She feels better prepared now and one day she will be ready for an even healthier, long-lasting or lifetime relationship."

While Aniston is "Hollywood’s most eligible A-list bachelorette," the source says "she is taking it slow. She is open-minded and dating, but there is no one serious yet."

"Jen seems so carefree these days. She feels like a teenager. She was ready to change up her game and she believes turning 50 is a new beginning," the source shares. "She looks amazing. She's always been in great shape, but since her split, she has almost doubled her yoga workout. Everyone keeps telling her she looks better than ever."

That she does! Her recent January Elle magazine photo shoot and red carpet appearances prove that she's at the top of her game. And Aniston is also ready to dive deep into her career this year, with a slew of passion projects in the works.

"Jen has all kinds of projects going on in 2019," the source shares. "She also is ready to take on more serious roles. She has her own production company and she's looking to take on more through that.”

"She has had tremendous support from her nearest, dearest friends. She is so appreciative of her old friends and also has developed a very good friendship with Reese Witherspoon since they started working on the show together. They have so much fun together," the source dishes, adding, "She is looking to be her best self in 2019.”

For more on the birthday girl, and who she told ET was throwing her a major 50th birthday bash, watch the video below.

Reporting by Adriane Schwartz.


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