Inside Lauren Bushnell and Chris Lane's New House That They Plan to 'Grow Into' With Future Kids (Exclusive)


'We plan on growing our family in the next couple years after we get married.'

Lauren Bushnell and Chris Lane are taking a big step in their relationship!

Following news that the engaged pair purchased a Nashville home, Lane opened up about their new digs in an email interview with ET -- even sharing when they plan to fill the house with kids.

Bushnell was actually the one who discovered the five-bedroom, four-bathroom home "out of the blue," and was immediately taken with the white brick abode that sits on "a lot of land."

"I remember Lauren calling me on the road and she said, 'Babe, I think I found the house.' I couldn’t wait to get back home from that run," Lane recalled. "We looked at it on a Sunday afternoon, then quickly set up a meeting with the builder and real estate agent to see the inside and everything it had to offer... We couldn’t pass it up!"

Even though the home is "a lot more house than we need right now," Bushnell and Lane have already started envisioning their future there.

"We talked about it and decided it would be better than getting into something smaller, then grow our family and have to end up moving again," Lane explained. "So we bought a house that was maybe a little too big for us, for where we’re at right now, but we plan on growing in it. We look forward to having both of our families come up for the holidays."

"It was definitely on my mind," he added of starting a family with his Bachelor alum fiancee. "We plan on growing our family in the next couple years after we get married. This home is one of those things we can grow into. Who knows how many kids we have -- hopefully one, at the most, two -- but you never know. We both agree on the fact that we want one to two kids and this house will be perfect for us for the next five or six years."

Though they are "super excited" about their new home, they do want to update the interior a bit, something that Lane plans to let Bushnell take the lead on.

"We wanted to change some things on the inside and we’re lucky enough the builder let us go in and redo things to make it our own. We’re going through the process of picking out the faucets, lighting and all that kind of stuff," Lane said. "I tell Lauren all the time, 'I trust your opinion over myself.' I’m a guy -- I care, but I don’t care. I’m excited to see what she does with the place... I’m excited for Lauren to make it her own thing, and I’ll sit back and get excited to move in."

As for the house's new features, Lane teased their color palette and a couple of potential rooms, some of which Bushnell shared a sneak peek of on her Instagram Story.

"There will be a lot of neutral colors on the inside. Light woods, dark woods, browns, a lot of golds and a lot of bronze, and a LOT of white," he said. "There is a room that I’m probably going to turn into a studio and a little man cave. There’s another room upstairs that I’m probably going to put a pool table in and make it a game room where we can watch football games when we have people over."


With the new home purchased, the pair is likely ready to focus on planning their wedding, which Lane previously told ET they're going to have "as quickly as we can when the time feels right."

"I know she's the one that I want to spend my life with and I think she thinks the same exact thing," he said shortly after his June proposal. "So hopefully we don't have to wait too long to start that."

Reporting by Cassie DiLaura