Inside 'Love Is Blind' Couple Lauren and Cameron's Gorgeous Home and Happy Marriage (Exclusive)

The pair welcomed ET cameras into their home for a look at how they're enjoying their lives together.

For Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed-Hamilton, finding each other on the first season of Love Is Blind was the start of an amazing adventure.

Now, the happy couple are welcoming ET cameras into their stunning home for a look at their sweet digs, and how they've learned to share their lives with one another.

One of the first things the pair were excited to show off was their stunning dinning room table, which Cameron actually made himself.

"Once we have kids and they're banging on it, I'm gonna be like, 'You know your dad built this table! Be gentle,'" Lauren joked.

The pair admitted that expanding their family is something that has been a subject of scrutiny as they've blogged about their relationship and lived their lives largely in the public eye on social media.

"Even if we post some mundane picture or something like that, the comments are always like, 'When's the baby coming?' 'Is Lauren pregnant?'" Cameron explained.

However, as Lauren explained, they are "actually in the process of trying."

"We're actively trying. So it's a whole lot of practicing right now," Lauren said with a laugh. "But we're enjoying the practicing."

As the couple revealed in their home tour, they certainly have the space to comfortably welcome a baby. And Cameron even has a game room all ready -- specifically, his man cave-styled basement, which he called, "The most fun part of the house."

The focal point of the room is actually a giant super-modern arcade cabinet loaded with old-school arcade games.

Meanwhile, one of Lauren's "favorite spots" is her "glam room and home office," where she enjoys some peace and quiet time.

However, it's clear that the room both Cameron and Lauren love is their home theater room, with a giant screen taking up an entire wall. As part of the tour, the pair had their season of Love Is Blind queued up, and they reflected on their romance journey.

"There's just so much more that we've built together now," Cameron said in awe as he thought back on how the pair first met and got married on the reality dating series.

"I didn't think I could possibly love you more, but it's definitely grown," Lauren added with a smile.

For more on the happy couple, check out the video below.

Meanwhile, Love Is Blind season 2 premiered on Netflix on Feb. 11 and is available to stream now.