'Love Is Blind' Stars Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton on the Keys to a Successful Marriage (Exclusive)

The fan-favorite couple from the hit Netflix series invited ET to their homebase in Atlanta for a wide-ranging chat.

Three years after getting married on the set of Love Is Blind, Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton are still going strong!

The fan-favorite couple recently invited ET to their creative studio in Atlanta, where they opened up about everything from marriage to behind-the-scenes show secrets, exciting new projects and more. They also got candid on what it was like spending so much extra time at home together amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"It wasn't always sunshine," Cameron admitted to ET's Rachel Smith. "We had to work some things out at times and find space, even if it was space in the house, just to recharge our batteries. I feel like at the end of it, our relationship is stronger and our working relationship is stronger, so it's a blessing."

"Love of course is very strong, but I think that it takes more than just loving someone to have a successful relationship of any kind," added Lauren. "It does take more than love. I think people need to realize that sometimes it's not enough, just to love someone, to have a successful relationship."

Ever since season 1 of Love Is Blind aired on Netflix, Lauren and Cameron have been keeping their fans entertained with fun at-home TikTok dances, YouTube videos and more. Now, they're ecstatic for everyone to get an even more in-depth look at their lives through their first co-authored book, Leap of Faith, available now.

"Getting engaged without seeing each other, being married and now almost three years later and we're still married, I feel like all of that encompasses what it means to take a leap of faith," Lauren said, of the meaning behind the title. "Everyone saw us on Love Is Blind, but there's so much more that happened. We just really wanted to share that with people ... all of the gems and struggles that we went through in our dating life."

"We had spent a lot of time talking about the possibility of writing a book when we were in bed, just kinda recapping the day," added Cameron. "It was something that always came up, like, 'We really need to write down what happened,' especially because we didn't know how much of [our story] was going to be captured on the show." 

The book is filled with relationship advice and real-life stories from the couple, including Cameron's unusual (and totally hilarious!) secret weapon in the bedroom.

"I love chicken fettuccine alfredo, that's like my weakness, OK?" Lauren revealed. "And Cam has realized that. I'm a foodie, I like foods, so whenever he makes that, I know that he's up to something, you know?"

"Aside from that, it's just more so doing things for your partner that you know that they love and that makes them happy." she added. "For me, that makes me happy."

Plus, Lauren and Cameron spill even more details about what it was like getting married on TV. Cameron teased a story to ET about how he actually had to return his suit to production just moments after he and Lauren said "I do."

"As soon as we finished the reception part, they had the dance sequence or whatever, and they're like, 'We need that tux,'" he recalled. "So I spent the rest of the day in a T-shirt and jeans."

"Papa Speed was not happy," added Lauren, laughing. "Papa Speed went off on everybody!"

For more stories from Lauren and Cameron, pick up a copy of Leap of Faith here.