Nick Lachey Teases What's Different About 'Love Is Blind' Season 2 (Exclusive)

The second season of the reality love competition will premiere on Feb. 11 on Netflix.

It's time to see if Love Is Blind! The popular Netflix romance series is back for a second season and co-host Nick Lachey spoke with ET about what fans can expect the second time around. 

"There is definitely more diversity, more inclusion in the cast, which is great," Lachey tells ET's Kevin Frazier. "What's great about season 2 is that season 1 worked. This cast saw the proof is in the pudding, so they came in ready. They were excited. Let's do this." 

With two couples from the first season, which aired in 2020, still married, Lachey says that fans can expect even more drama during the second go-around. 

"Whatever you saw in season 1, it's bigger, better, badder in season 2," he teases. "They're going through an emotional washing machine, they're getting tumbled, tumbled, tumbled. Hopefully for some it results in clean laundry. For others, they're stuck in the spin cycle."

And while Jessica Batten made headlines in season 1 for her treatment of her partner Mark Cuevas, it's contestant Shaina Hurley who has been teased to stir the pot this time around. 

"It definitely was an unforgettable, crazy experience," Shaina tells ET. "I got kind of caught up, and I own that."

Love Is Blind begins streaming on Netflix on Friday, Feb. 11. The first five episodes will be released at the same time, the next three will come Feb. 18 and the finale will air on Feb. 25.