Inside Meghan Markle's ‘Chilled’ Final Moments Before Marrying Prince Harry


Meghan Markle’s friend and bridal makeup artist, Daniel Martin, is opening up about the journey of having one of his besties become royalty overnight -- including how he approached the subject of the proper way to address her post-wedding!

The Dior Beauty brand ambassador dished on that conversation and other happenings in the room where Markle made her final preparations for becoming the Duchess of Sussex on Saturday.

“I asked her that. ‘Do I bow to you? I don’t want to disrespect you, but I’ve known you for almost 10 years. What’s up?'” Martin told People. “She started laughing and she said, ‘I’m always going to be Meg. Meg.'”

“But next time I see them I will be respectful and know my protocol,” he added. “But Meg is always going to be Meg, that’s how it is!”

Martin also shared new details about what went on behind closed doors as Markle prepared to walk down the aisle and wed Prince Harry on May 19.

He said that the former Suits star played chilled, 1950s tunes while getting ready for the ceremony with Martin, her mom, Doria Ragland, hairstylist Serge Normant and gown designer Clare Waight Keller.

While the group “caught up” and discussed mutual friends, Markle appeared at ease about the drastically life-changing moments ahead of her.

“She didn’t seem nervous,” Martin dished. “She was very cool, she was regular Meghan. I think we were nervous, but we didn’t want to make her nervous so it was very chilled. Of course, brides have nerves, but if we didn’t put so much expectation on it, it wouldn’t have made her nervous. It was very even, very easy.”

While Martin said it truly sunk in that Markle was about to get married when she slipped into her dress, “like a glove,” it was when they pulled up to Windsor Castle that the enormity of the nuptials set in.

“Nothing really hit any of us until we got there and we saw the people and the magnitude of everything,” he said. “The last thing we said to each other was, ‘We’ll see you on the other side.’”

He then saw Markle after the wedding to do touch-ups for the couple’s official wedding portraits.

“That’s when I started crying,” he said. “It was the first time [I] was able to be there in person. It was almost like she looked at me and said, ‘What did you think? How’d it go?’ And I lost it. It was so moving and so perfect and the day couldn’t have been better.”

Martin also posted a sweet tribute to Markle, along with photos showcasing his handiwork, on Instagram on Wednesday.

“My dearest Meghan, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be a part of such a memorable day, not only in your life, but in history,” he captioned a slideshow of photos. “It was just like old times playing dress up and I’m looking forward to our next play dates together. Cheers to love my friend!!! ?❤️?.”

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