Jake Gyllenhaal Joins John Mulaney for Surprise Cameo in Wild 'Saturday Night Live' Musical Sketch

Jake Gyllenhaal

The movie star stopped by for a musical cameo singing about his love for TSA security checks.

John Mulaney returned to host Saturday Night Live for his third time over the weekend, and he got a little surprise help from Jake Gyllenhaal.

As expected (and hoped for by many), the comedian staged another installment of what has become something of his signature sketch -- a parody of Broadway musicals that makes jokes about things incredibly specific to New York City.

It began with a Les Misérables parody about ordering lobster at a Big Apple Greek diner. After it became the sleeper hit of his debut hosting gig, Mulaney recreated the magic with a sketch that revolved around someone asking to use the bathroom in a neighborhood bodega.

This week, Mulaney's musical mash-up was set at the famous LaGuardia Airport, where a man (Pete Davidson) decides to buy some sushi from the gift shop, thus initiating a colorful cadre of creative musical reimaginings.

The over-the-top production poked fun at the more infamous oddities and less-than-sterling reputation of LaGuardia Airport -- with re-written tunes from Broadway classics including The Phantom of the Opera, Annie and West Side Story, among others.

The lengthy sketch used nearly every member of the cast -- as well as the night's musical guest, David Byrne, and his band -- but really got an extra burst of star power about halfway through, when Gyllenhaal came as a "guy who travels in pajamas."

Sporting cables on his back that let everyone know there was some wire work coming shortly, Gyllenhaal explained, "That’s right, I dress so the TSA can have easy access to my body."

Then, bursting into song, Gyllenhaal crooned about his appreciation for going through security screenings.

"So if you care to search me, I'll spread my legs real wide. I'll even bend over for you, so you can take a peek inside!" Gyllenhaal belted, before taking to the air as if he were flying. "You can tell that I enjoy security. You can search way up high in my cavity! You can pat me down, and you don't have to use the front of your hands."

"Okay, Jesus, we get it," Mulaney said, cutting off the increasingly disturbing love letter to the TSA.

Check out the videos below for the first two installments in Mulaney's musical SNL romps.

SNL airs live coast-to-coast on Saturday at 11:30 p.m. ET, 8:30 p.m. PT on NBC.