John Mulaney Jokes About Auditioning 44 Times for 'Saturday Night Live' -- Watch!

John Mulaney
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Take at look at the actor's supposed auditions through the years!

John Mulaney is one determined comic!

On Wednesday, Saturday Night Live released the promo for their upcoming new episode, in which this weekend's host explains (not at all in earnest) that, although he was a writer on the show from 2009-2012, he also tried to get on the show — 44 times.

Viewers are then treated to a compilation of the comedian’s supposed attempts at joining the show’s prestigious list of Not Ready for Prime Time Players, which somehow stretched on for decades.

In his first "audition," at the show’s 1975 inception, the 36-year-old takes the stage in bell bottoms, a baggy cap and a period tee.

“This is my first and, I assume, only audition for Saturday Night…Live is it called?” he asks, later stating, “I do impressions but I don’t try to do the voice. I’m Richard Nixon! I’m the president. I sold out and I’m a crook.”

Although these auditions are meant to be fails, they’re also pretty hilarious! Other bits include "The Brunch Club" in which Mulaney takes shots at The Breakfast Club, John Travolta in Lord of the Rings and Barbra Streisand doing Jaws

Current SNL performer Cecily Strong discusses attempts to assist Mulaney in improving his audition, but it never went well.

“I tried to help him, a couple times, with his audition but he got very defensive,” Strong explains.

“How can you help me with my audition when you don’t even get what it is I’m doing?” Mulaney irritably fires back. “Do you see my problem?”

Kenan Thompson also weighs in on the comic’s numerous fictional auditions, stating, “He never seems to age. I mean, he’s either, like, a fresh 31 or a stale 76.”

In the end, Mulaney admits that the feedback he received was discouraging. 

“I remember one time Lorne [Michaels, the show’s creator and showrunner] pulled me aside, he said, ‘We don’t need whatever it is you are.’”

Nevertheless, Mulaney will be taking over the show on Saturday, with musical guest Thomas Rhett.

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