Jameela Jamil Makes Gross Parody Video of Detox Drinks After Slamming Cardi B and More Stars

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Jameela Jamil isn’t backing down in her campaign against celebrity endorsed detox products. The 32-year-old Good Place star spoke out against rappers Cardi B, Khloe Kardashian, Amber Rose, and Iggy Azalea earlier this week after they publicly promoted the products on their social media. 

On Tuesday, Jamil took to Instagram to share a funny video of herself parodying the promotional advertisements. 

"If influencers and celebrities were actually honest with us about some of these slimming/detox products… #itburns,” she captioned the clip. 

In the video, she starts out holding out a drink while wearing a strapless dress. 

“Hi, you guys, I just have to tell you about this new amazing supermodel shake that I’ve been drinking,” she cheerfully states. "I’ve only been taking it for three days and I’ve already lost 35 pounds and I’ve got abs, but I’ve never done a day’s exercise in my life and I haven’t been on a diet. I ate five hamburgers last night!” 

She then takes a sip of the drink declaring it “chunky.” Moments later the clip cuts to Jamil sitting on a toilet while making some pretty foul bathroom sounds. 

“Hi, you guys, I’ve been here now for like three years but I’m still feeling amazing and super skinny,” she says. "Discount code’s in my bio. It burns."

This comes after Jamil took aim over the weekend at Cardi B and others who promote detox teas, writing, “I hope all these celebrities all s**t their pants in public, the way the poor women who buy this nonsense upon their recommendation do.”

She went on to tweet, “I was the teenager who starved herself for years, who spent all her money on these miracle cures and laxatives and tips from celebrities on how to maintain a weight that was lower than what my body wanted it to be. I was sick, I have had digestion and metabolism problems for life.” 

Cardi later responded in an Instagram comment, writing, “I will never s**t my pants cause there’s public bathrooms everywhere… oooo and bushes.” 

Jamil replied to this as well, noting, “Regarding her response: she will never s**t her pants, not because of bushes, but because she probably doesn’t ever take the products she promotes… during her promotional video she keeps looking at the name of the product on the cup… almost as if she’s never seen it…” 

She later shared pics of Cardi, Iggy, Amber, and Khloe, writing, “Give us the discount codes to your nutritionists, personal chefs, personal trainers, airbrushes and plastic surgeons you bloody liars.” 

It didn't stop there. On Wednesday, Jamil tweeted: "I know I’m being a bit extra over this whole thing, but the war against women’s bodies/general image is ongoing and out of control. Teen surgery, eating disorders and self harm are at an ALL TIME HIGH. So it’s going to involve a big noise to fight back. Don’t like it? Mute me."

Cardi B specifically mentioned the Teami product when recently noting that she can’t stop losing her baby weight. 

“I was drinking Teami so I could curve my appetite and now that I lost all the baby weight in my stomach and in my arms and in my face, now I want to gain weight, but now I can’t gain weight because I have a terrible appetite. I can literally go 24 hours without eating.” 

For more from Cardi, watch the clip below: 


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