James Charles Says He Still DMs With Shawn Mendes Since Their Drama: 'No Flirting Unfortunately'

The 19-year-old beauty guru also opened up to ET about his dream celebrity collaboration.

James Charles and Shawn Mendes are all good. 

ET's Lauren Zima sat down with the beauty expert at his home, where he dished on his new projects and opened up about his recent headline-making drama with Mendes. 

A fan of the singer since his Vine days, Charles has been known to post the occasional thirsty comment on Mendes' Instagram posts. After Charles left a cheeky comment on Mendes' Instagram Live, fans went to overdrive trying to determine if Charles was the reason the singer abruptly ended the video.

Then, a Twitter user claimed they heard Mendes slam Charles' social media comments at a secret album listening party. When Charles caught wind of this, he tweeted an apology to Mendes, "I'm upset, embarrassed and sorry if [Mendes] ever felt sexually harassed." The "Lost in Japan" singer was kind enough to reply by sliding into Charles' DMs and telling him that his comments "actually make me laugh."

"It was amazing! I looked up to him for a long time since he was huge on Vine. I think he's literally the cutest," Charles gushed to ET over Mendes' sweet gesture. "I'm really thankful that he cleared it up, and allowed me to post the screenshot so we could move on and stuff and not have any beef. That would be very ridiculous."

The makeup mogul said that he and Mendes have "DMed back and forth a few times" since -- though it's strictly platonic. "No flirting, unfortunately for me. He's super sweet and I'm really thankful that he cleared it up." 

Mendes isn't the only star Charles has been rubbing elbows with latel. "My icons would be like, Kris Jenner, Kylie [Jenner] and Demi [Lovato], and I've met and like Kim [Kardashian]," he revealed. "I've met all of them." 

It's Lovato, however, whom Charles "100 percent" wants to collaborate with. "When she is OK and back in her game, I would die to do a video with her. She's like, my favorite person in the entire world," he gushed of the singer, who recently completed a 3-month treatment program following an apparent drug overdose in July. 

"I wish her the best. I hope that she's doing amazing. I hope she has the best people surrounding her," he continued, adding that they "Instagram DM back and forth all the time." 

"She replied and said thank you for sending your wishes, and she said that she is doing well," Charles shared. "Her mom just released that [Lovato is] 90 days sober which is... literally, I started crying when I got that message, so I'm just really, really proud of her and I hope that she is doing well." 

While a video collab with Lovato might be in his future, these days, Charles is pretty focused on his Sisters apparel line, out now, and his new palette with Morphe, "Unleash Your Inner Artist," which arrives in stores on Nov. 13. 

"I've been working on this for literally over a year now. It's like my little baby, I am giving birth," the self-proclaimed workaholic said. "There are so many shades in here. There are 39 shades in here to create whatever look you want to. Hello, imagine the possibilities! I am so proud of the formula and I cannot wait for everybody to have this in their hand."