James Corden Says He Struggles With the Idea of Leaving 'Late Late Show'

James Corden Late Late Show
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Could James Corden be leaving The Late Late Show?

With a year remaining on his contract, fans of the 40-year-old comedian are wondering if he'll be saying goodbye to his late-night CBS talk show for good. Now, in a cover story for British GQ's September issue, Corden is opening up about his future in the entertainment industry, and where it all started.

"The day might come and I might not be brave enough," he admits. "I've got to try to make peace with this idea that if I walk away from this show, there's a chance I become a question on Jeopardy. One people struggle to answer."

James Corden in British GQ

Corden continues on, telling the outlet that when it comes to fame, he's only really "just become comfortable with the notion" within the last year.

"I understand the version of me that people want to meet, and I'll give them that, and that's alright," he says. "'Cause it's actually harder, it's more work to be rude and abrupt. And I don't want to be that 'Do you mind?' person."

Recalling his very early career opportunities, which included a TV reporter role on the BBC's Good Morning With Anne and Nick as well as playing Gareth Jones in the 1999 series Boyz Unlimited, Corden is grateful for all the people who took a chance on him.

"I was learning that if you looked like me, people reckoned you were about right for playing a newsagent in a Hugh Grant movie," he jokes. "Nobody was about to pull a seat out at the table and say, 'Come and sit down.' I was going to have to get to this table and budge people up."

Read Corden's full interview in the September issue of British GQ, available on newsstands and digital download on Friday, Aug. 2.

James Corden British GQ

Corden's magazine features comes just over a month after he was a guest on The Best of Chris Evans Breakfast Show With Sky podcast, where he admitted he sometimes thinks about leaving the Late Late Show and moving back to England.

"I don't know. I imagine I'll stay doing it for a little while I think. That's my hunch," he said at the time, before referencing his wife, Julie Carey, and their three kids -- Charlotte, 1, Carey, 4, and Max, 8 -- as potential reasons he could see himself returning to the U.K.

"For Julie, my wife and I... we're a long way from home, you know, when we're doing the show," he continued. "And there's people here on this glorious island that we miss every day. And, you know, there are questions [like], 'Where do we want our kids to go to school?' There's people getting older. Time is the key. And time with people. And all of those things will be factors, which are far greater than, 'Do I still want to carry on doing the show or not?' It's a greater question than that."

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