Jamie Foxx’s Daughter Corrine Foxx Announces Engagement to Joe Hooten: See the Ring!

The couple shared the exciting news on social media, and shared a pic of the ring.

Corinne Foxx is engaged! 

In a delightful Instagram post on Sunday, the 29-year-old daughter of actor Jamie Foxx and Connie Kline shared the exciting news of her engagement to Joe Hooten. The post featured a carousel of black-and-white photographs capturing the magical moment when Joe popped the question.

"From the first time I saw you, I knew you were my forever 💍❤️," Corinne captioned the series of intimate shots, all beautifully captured by photographer Bailey Ann Templeton.

The images showcased the couple beaming with joy and embracing on the deck of a boat, marking the beginning of their journey towards marital bliss. One particularly heartwarming snapshot captured the former Beat Shazam host kissing her now-fiancé on the cheek, while another displayed the couple in a warm hug with Corinne looking towards the camera.

While the exact beginning of Corinne and Joe's relationship remains shrouded in mystery, it is known that the pair both attended the University of Southern California and crossed paths in 2018, according to reports by Page Six.

Corinne offered the public a glimpse into her relationship with Joe back in September 2019 when she shared a post on Instagram featuring the couple at a horse stable. "Spent the weekend with a couple of studs 💕🐴🏔," she wrote in the caption, hinting at the equestrian-themed rendezvous.

Over the years, Corinne has sparingly shared insights into her private life with Joe, including a post in October that celebrated the couple's journey. The shared image portrayed the duo elegantly dressed, gazing affectionately at each other. 

Joe, as revealed by a Coverfly profile, is an accomplished writer-director and television executive, currently employed at John Wells Productions. His profile highlights his passion for telling emotionally charged and thought-provoking stories about socio-economic classism.


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