Jason Kelce Shares Hilarious Photo of Youngest Daughter Bennett Meeting Eagles Mascot

Jason Kelce with his youngest daughter, Bennett.
Philadelphia Eagles/Instagram

The 1-year-old was skeptical about the big bird, to say the least.

Jason Kelce's youngest daughter isn't too sure how to feel about the Philadelphia Eagles mascot, Swoop.

On Sunday, Jason's 1-year-old daughter, Bennett "Bennie" Kelce, met the Eagles' mascot, but it wasn't the cute meet-and-greet everyone was hoping for.

Jason shared a hilarious and meme-worthy close-up image of Bennie’s face on X (formerly Twitter) during her introduction to Swoop.

"She was Soo excited when she first saw him, basically running with her arms at first when we start going over," he wrote. "Once we got up close, her face changed, she was frozen…"

In a video of the interaction, Jason, 36, carries his daughter and asks her, "You wanna meet Swoop?" after she points toward him. Jason and Swoop exchange friendly waves, brief dancing and high fives before the retired NFL player walks a shy Bennie over to Swoop. That's when things went south.

Swoop gifts Bennie a stuffed eagle plush, but she wants nothing to do with the mascot.

"She was a little unsure," the Philadelphia Eagles captioned its own post alongside a grinning face with a sweat emoji.

After Bennie didn't want to interact with Swoop, the father-daughter duo walked away.

Commenters were happy that the mascot and Jason respected Bennie's space and didn't force anything on her. One day, she'll be ready!

Jason shares his three daughters – Bennie, Elliotte, 3, and Wyatt, 4 – with his wife of six years, Kylie Kelce, 31.