Jason Momoa and James Corden Have a Naked BBQ, Laugh Hysterically Over Tortilla Slap Challenge

The duo soak in the final days of summer in a spoof clip for 'The Late Late Show.'

Jason Momoa and James Corden are soaking in the final days of summer. The Aquaman star appeared on The Late Late Show on Wednesday night via a video spoof, in which he and Corden delightfully engage in a montage of summer cliches as they catch up on lost time together. 

"Sorry we haven't been able to hang out this summer," Momoa tells Corden, to which he replies: "I know! It's been a real bummer. Usually we spend every second of the summer together. Too bad we didn't get to have the old Momoa-Corden Hot Boy Summer 2022." 

The two then channel their inner Thelma & Louise for a coastal road trip, ride a tandem bike, sip tropical drinks, go fishing and share a few epic twinning moments -- including grilling up hot dogs in the nude. 

Momoa and Corden show off their dance skills with the macarena for a spoof TikTok, but also engaged in a real-life viral challenge. 

In a separate clip shared just to social media, the duo appeared wearing skin-tight, flesh-colored shorts for the shoot (which "make a lot more sense if you tune in tonight," the caption promised) and took on the hilarious Tortilla Slap Challenge

Corden breaks first as Momoa wins the rock, paper, scissors standoff, nailing Corden square on the cheek with a tortilla. The TV host immediately spits out his water, while Momoa instantly bursts into laughter and follows suit. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" he chokes out through laughter. 

Momoa has been busy supporting the third season of his Apple TV+ seriesSee

Speaking with ET at the Hollywood premiere last week, the star gushed over the opportunity to play a dad in a series for the first time.

"I mean, obviously I'm a father, and family man," Momoa -- who shares 15-year-old Lola and 13-year-old Nakoa-Wolf with ex, Lisa Bonet -- began. "I didn't have the opportunity to play a dad in a series before...I love having a full arc. It's not just killed off in the first season, or it just doesn't end properly."

"It's nice that it's three seasons, and it's catered to the final chapter, where you get to go through everything and see what happens, and it was intended that way," he added.

He also shut down any hopes of a resurgence for his beloved Game of Thrones role in the wake of HBO's House of the Dragon prequel success. 

"I'm too old now," he quipped. "They gotta hire someone else now!"