Jason Sudeikis Returns to 'Saturday Night Live' as Joe Biden Getting Sensitivity Training

Jason Sudeikis as Joe Biden on 'Saturday Night Live'

The former 'SNL' star came back to play the ex-Vice President in this week's hilarious 'Cold Open' sketch.

Saturday Night Live took a break from mocking Donald Trump to take a few swings at former Vice President Joe Biden during this week's "Cold Open," by calling out his recent scandal in which multiple women accused him of making them feel uncomfortable during past interactions.

Jason Sudeikis, who brilliantly portrayed Biden during his tenure on the sketch series, reprised the role as a close-talking, awkward-hugging high-energy grandpa who was meeting with some advisors -- played by Cecily Strong and Kenan Thompson -- to learn how to behave around women in the future.

"I'm a hugger, I’m a kisser and I'm a little bit of a sniffer," said Sudeikis' Biden, with a perpetual grin. "But the last thing I want to do is offend anyone!"

In an effort to rein in his behavior, the advisors brought in a sensitivity trainer named Gwen (Kate McKinnon) who he meets by placing his forehead to her forehead and rubbing his nose against hers.

"I did the 23 and Me thing, like Lizzy Warren, and turns out I am 1 percent Eskimo, so I can do this kissing thing," Biden said, explaining away his behavior.

Gwen gave Biden some tips on what is and what is not appropriate when it comes to meeting with women, and even had some volunteers come by for Biden to try out some of the new methods.

Things didn't go well with Aidy Bryant, who played a Wisconsin voter who ended up punching the former VP in the stomach after he weirdly cradled her face in his hands.

However, the tables were turned with Leslie Jones, who played an Oakland-area voter who immediately recognized Biden as "Obama’s grandaddy" and instantly grabbed the veteran politician in a huge bear hug before playfully spanking him repeatedly.

In the end, Biden admitted that he didn't learn anything at all, but did hint that he'd be choosing a female running mate. So, progress?

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