'Saturday Night Live': Robert De Niro & Alec Baldwin Mock Mueller Report News in Star-Studded Cold Open

Robert De Niro as Robert Mueller on 'Saturday Night Live'

De Niro and Baldwin returned to the sketch series once again to find humor in the Mueller report.

Saturday Night Live once again called on their stable of A-list guest stars to find the humor in the release of Robert Mueller's controversial report regarding the special investigation into collusion with Russia.

Robert De Niro once again reprised his spot-on impression of Mueller, as the night's cold open showed the differences between what Mueller wrote in his report, what U.S. Attorney General William Barr (Aidy Bryant) wrote in the summary, and finally what Donald Trump ended up tweeting in response.

Alec Baldwin made his return to SNL as well, delivering the screaming manic impression of President Trump that he's perfected over the last two years.

As Mueller penned a carefully written report detailing the nuances of the investigation, Barr filtered the info into carefully worded pro-Trump propaganda, that Trump himself celebrated on Twitter with air horns and incoherence.

Ultimately, Baldwin's Trump took a victory lap, declaring, "If you shoot at the devil, you best not miss."

The reference to the devil, however, conjured Kate McKinnon's Nosferatu-esque Rudy Giuliani, who marveled how good of an attorney he must be to have kept Trump from getting in trouble by the report.

"I guess my mind games worked!" McKinnon's Giuliani declared. "If you want to know what my mind games were, you'll have to ask the family of goblins that live in my head."

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