Jenna Dewan Shares Daughter Everly’s Adorable Christmas Wish List: ‘Got That, Santa?’

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Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Baby2Baby

The 5-year-old's list is filled with fairies, princesses and lots of sparkle!

Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum’s 5-year-old daughter, Everly, is going to have an epic Christmas. 

The little cutie’s proud mom took to Instagram on Tuesday to share her daughter’s lengthy letter to Santa, which features a series of sparkly, colorful, and princess-packed items. 

Among the gift requests are a flying fairy, a butterfly princess Barbie, a princess vacuum, a fairy playhouse for the fairy garden and a fairy wand that talks to you. 

Everly signed the letter herself, ending the list with “a few surprises that are fairy, unicorn, mermaid, princess things.” 

“Got that Santa?” Dewan, 37, captioned the pic. 

It seems that Everly’s tastes haven’t changed much through the years. In 2016, Dewan shared little Evie’s Christmas wish list, which again featured princess accessories, glitter, and more fairy items. 

Everly’s been getting plenty of quality time with her two parents despite their split earlier this year. Over the weekend, she made slime with Tatum, even getting the 38-year-old actor to wear a tiara. 

In addition to loving all things fairy and princess-themed, Everly has also taken up dance just like her parents.

"She loves to dance. She likes to freestyle more than she likes to follow a routine," Dewan bragged to ET. "It's amazing."

For more from the famous family, watch the clip below: