Why Channing Tatum Loves Daughter Everly 'Doing Her Own Thing' (Exclusive)

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Five years old, and already a standout!

Channing Tatum talked with ET's Nischelle Turner on Saturday at the Los Angeles premiere of his new movie, Smallfoot, and revealed his daughter, Everly, is already breaking away from the pack in her classroom. Tatum recently shared an Instagram pic of his little girl giving a lone hand gesture during a school assembly, and opened up about why the moment made him reflect on his "cool AF" offspring.

"I think everybody would think that was cool. It was one of those things, and I'm watching her, and she's in a lone group of kids, and it's how they say be quiet, at assembly, and she's just the lone one, just holding it up and being solid about it. Real calm. Solidarity," he said of the adorable photo of his daughter.

He wrote in the caption of the photo, "So my daughter giving the lone ? sing at her school assembly today just confirmed what i already knew. She cool AF!! And that i will never even come close to how f-ing cool she is. I’m proud and feeling some pangs of dad dork growing. Just look at this pic if you ever need help. It has done a lot for me." 

Tatum, who shares 5-year-old Everly with ex-wife Jenna Dewan, also revealed that his little girl is happy to move to her own beat in dance class.

"She's on the ground, rolling around. Every kid is up doing the proper stuff, but she's doing her own thing," he said. 

So, who's responsible for Everly's bold personality? Tatum admitted his little girl was a born to be a standout. 

"She kinda came out that way. I wish I could take credit for that, but I can't really," Tatum said. "That's really all her. I think kids sorta do come out a little bit of what they're going to be, and then you foster that to be whatever you hope her to be in the world. She always just like, does her own thing." 

Earlier this year, Dewan also spoke with ET about Everly's unique moves in dance class. Hear what she had to say in the video below!


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