Jennifer Aniston Recalls Plane Making Terrifying Emergency Landing During Her Birthday Trip to Mexico

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Jennifer Aniston is going into detail about her scary experience on her birthday trip to Mexico in February.

The 50-year-old actress appeared on her good friend Jimmy Kimmel's late-night show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, on Thursday alongside her Murder Mystery co-star, Adam Sandler, and recalled her plane having to turn around and go back to California after a serious malfunction. Aniston was with her closest gal pals -- who surprised her with the trip -- including Courteney Cox and Kimmel's wife, Molly McNearney.

"On the takeoff, on the taxi, we heard an explosion," Aniston recounted. "It sounded like a pothole if it was a car big enough to go over the Grand Canyon. It was that loud."

The Friends star, who said she already had a fear of flying, was then notified two hours into the flight by the flight attendant that they had to turn around and go back to California. The flight attendant explained that they found debris from a wheel on the runway that they thought was from their plane.

"Everyone starts texting all of a sudden their spouses and their children," Aniston said.

Kimmel then shared that he did in fact receive a text from his wife, and Aniston hilariously revealed what the comedian wrote back to McNearney's message. Aniston pulled up Kimmel's response on her phone, which was a shirtless selfie and the message reading, "I just signed up for Tinder but I PROMISE not to activate it until we know what's next. This is my profile picture."

Jimmy Kimmel text

"I was trying to lighten the mood," Kimmel explained with a laugh, before showing the plane Aniston was on, which was missing a tire.

"That's what you guys landed, with no tire, on a plane with some of the nation's most beloved national treasures on it!" Kimmel marveled, before joking, "Meanwhile, I signed up for Tinder and it's going great."

Thankfully, Aniston and her friends did eventually make it safely to Cabo San Lucas. A spokesman for the FAA told ET at the time that a Gulfstream G4 lost a wheel or tire while departing from Los Angeles International Airport. According to the spokesman, the aircraft departed without incident and circled near Ontario International Airport in Southern California to burn fuel before landing safely.

Just after the incident, Cox spoke with ET about the emergency landing. "All I know is that [the plane] was missing the back right tire," she said. "But honestly, we're very lucky. Landing [with] one tire missing is not as big of a deal as it may sound when you're on the plane."

Aniston also celebrated her milestone birthday in February with a star-studded party in Los Angeles, with guests that included her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, as well as Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, George and Amal Clooney and more. Check out the birthday bash:


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