Jennifer Aniston Reveals the Entire Cast of 'Friends' Reunited: 'We Laughed A Lot'

Ross and Rachel from Friends
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The 50-year-old actress reflected on her famous co-stars while on 'The Howard Stern Show.'

The Friends cast are actually friends! Jennifer Aniston opened up on The Howard Stern Show, in the show's first West Coast broadcast in 20 years from SiriusXM's Hollywood studio, about a recent dinner she had with her Friends co-stars and how they'll never be on a break. 

"We just had dinner on Saturday. Yeah, the whole gang, everyone was there. [David] Schwimmer was in town and we all happened to have a window of time so we all got together," Aniston, who appeared in a recent selfie with co-stars Courteney Cox and Matt LeBlanc, revealed. 

The dinner took place at Cox's house and the 50-year-old sitcom star reminisced, "We laughed so hard."

Of her co-stars, Cox, LeBlanc, Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, and Matthew Perry, Aniston says they all get along. 

"No one in that crew annoyed you?" Stern asked. 

"Not one," Aniston replied, before fondly adding, "Lightning in a bottle."

Aniston insisted that not only did the cast get along but they also worked together when it came to the subject of equal pay. The Friends co-star famously negotiated that they all be paid the same amount. 

"We stood as a solitary unit and asked for the exact same, equal pay," she recalled. "We were leading the charge, ahead of our time."

Though Stern wanted to know about any crazy shenanigans the cast got up to at the dinner, Aniston said it was all very tame. 

"Nobody got naked. It was very civilized. But we just laughed a lot," she said, before adding of the NBC sitcom, "We all miss it every day. I would be nothing without it."

So does that mean a reboot is on the horizon? Not so fast. 

"We would love it. I really think there's an idea that if there's a reboot of the show, it won't be even close to as good as what it was, so why do it? It would ruin it," she explained. 

For more from the Friends cast, watch the clip below: