Jennifer Lawrence Says 'It's On' With Timothee Chalamet After Hearing Him Gush About Her (Exclusive)

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The 27-year-old actress also weighed in on her Versace dress drama, and why she decided to strip down for 'Red Sparrow.'

Jennifer Lawrence's imaginary romance with Timothee Chalamet might not be so imaginary anymore. 

After revealing her crush on the 22-year-old actor to ET earlier this month, we showed her a video of him gushing over her at the Golden Globes -- and now, "it's on." 

"Oh, god... He's too young! I'll wait. I'll wait," Lawrence told ET's Carly Steel at Red Sparrow's press day in New York City on Friday as she watched a clip of Chalamet telling us that he'd be so "starstruck" if he saw her. 

"Oh my god!" she reacted. "Wow. Alright, it's on!" 

"I met him at [an event]. You know, he's a little young. I got my eye on him. I'm waiting, because I won't get older," Lawrence, 27, promised. "I think the math is going to work out in my favor, where we'll be the same age one day. Maybe he'll be older than me!' 

While the actress thinks Chalamet is pretty "hot" for 22, she's the one who recently made headlines after showing off her curves -- and sticking it to the haters -- in a plunging black Versace dress at the London photocall for Red Sparrow.

"It was so fun. I had just had it burning in my mind. I tried it on weeks ago," she raved of the stunning gown. "We were pulling out all these other outfits that were more 'daytime,' and I'm like, 'No.' That one was evening, but so fabulous." 

"It was actually a walk of shame," she joked, as her co-star, Joel Edgerton, played along. "The only reason the other four of us were there was we were holding her up," he cracked. 

Lawrence definitely wasn't laughing on Wednesday, taking to Facebook to call out critics who thought her revealing dress was inappropriate for the cold London weather. "I was kind of depressed... being annoyed and [my friend] was like, 'I hear you, but I have to say, people see that dress a lot more because of the controversy,'" she recalled, adding that she perked up about the situation pretty quickly. "I was like, 'That's true, OK!'"

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The blonde beauty also opened up about her role as a Russian spy who masters the art of seduction in Red Sparrow, and why she decided to strip down for the film years after her phone was hacked and nude photos of her were leaked. 

"Well, Francis [Lawrence], for starters [helped me get over my hesitations]," she said of the Red Sparrow director, who also directed three of the four Hunger Games films. "Just personally and professionally, I can put all of my trust in him. I was comfortable because he's a dear friend, but also I trust him artistically."

"But also when I was thinking about it, really, it seemed complicated at first and then it was quite simple. Am I going to let fears and insecurities and paranoias rule my life, or am I going to make a movie that I think is important to make, and empowering and a character that I love? And just say, 'No. I'm not going to let that rule my life anymore,'" Lawrence added. 

Red Sparrow hits theaters on Friday, March 2. 

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