'Jeopardy!' Contestant Proposes to Girlfriend on the Game Show

Michael Pascuzzi won big during Thursday's show when he asked his girlfriend to marry him in between rounds.

What is ... yes?

Jeopardy! contestant Michael Pascuzzi may have come in second place during Thursday's competition, but he didn't go home without a win.

During the broadcast, the Orlando, Florida native took the opportunity to ask his girlfriend, Maria Shafer, to marry him.

It all began when host Alex Trebek said, "OK, now ladies and gentleman, normally when I interview the contestants I base my conversation on little bits of information they have supplied us but with regard to Michael Pascuzzi, from Orlando, Florida, I have absolutely nothing on the card."

"So, what do you wanna talk about?" Trebek asked Pascuzzi, who replied, "I can fill in for ya."

Pascuzzi then turned to the audience to reveal he "just wanted to say one quick thing and ask Maria Shafer right there," he said as cameras panned to his girlfriend, "if she would make me a winner today and marry me. Will you marry me?"

Crying happy tears, an emotional Shafer quickly responded, "Yes! Of course," to Pascuzzi's question.

Trebek then jumped in, saying, "Maria, you responded too quickly. I was about to say we'll have the answer to that question right after this commercial break," he joked, to which she responded: "That would be, what is ... yes!"

Watch it all go down below:

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