Jessie James Decker's Husband Eric Strips Down Nude to Help Promote Her Cookbook

The singer's handsome hubby bared all to draw some attention to her new recipe collection.

One spicy dish! Jessie James Decker is getting some help from her handsome husband to promote her new cookbook, "Just Eat!"

They say sex sells, and it seems Eric Decker is interested in helping his wife sell a lot of copies of her new cookbook.

Eric stripped down to literally nothing and sat in the couple's beautiful backyard while crossing his legs and holding his wife's cookbook open in front of him.

"Mocking up ideas for how Eric can show his love for me and my new cookbook Just Eat!" Jessie James captioned the steamy post. "Let me know how you think we can we top last time?!"

The feedback in the comments was about as productive as one might imagine, with most followers suggesting the best way to top this post was to simply have Eric ditch the book altogether.

Other commenters simply remarked on how effective the post was at grabbing attention, with one user writing, "I stopped mid scroll. Spit out my seltzer and yelled at my cat. This is not legal on my feed. Jesus lawdddd"

Another commenter posted, "That’s not good marketing…no one will see that book."

Meanwhile, former WWE Diva Nikki Garcia commented that the post "gave me some ideas" about future advertising ideas using her own handsome husband, Artem Chigvintsev.

Time will tell if Eric's fit physique proves to be advertising gold when Jessie James' cookbook, "Just Eat," hits shelves on Oct. 10.