Jim Carrey Reimagines His Iconic Comedic Lines With Dramatic Spoofs: Watch

Jim Carrey on 'The Late Show'

He turned one 'Ace Ventura' line into a musical number.

Jim Carrey is the master of improv! The 58-year-old actor had fun with some of his past iconic lines on Wednesday's The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. 

After making his entrance on the show with a New Orleans-style brass band and throwing gold confetti into the crowd, Carrey then talked with Colbert about his memorable comedic quotes. 

"I like to give every character a dramatic backstory. In fact, for the first shot at Dumb and Dumber, before I started Dumb and Dumber, I spent 32 years as a total idiot. I'm committed," he quipped. 

Colbert then asked Carrey if he could recreate his Ace Ventura: Pet Detective line, "Do not go in there!"

"After years of honing my craft, there's so much more emotional nuance that I could bring to that moment," Carrey joked before belting out the line as if it were part of a musical number. 

He also had fun with the "one in a million" line from Dumb and Dumber, joking, "I failed to convey the nature of probability itself, and I should have had an accent." 

But the ultimate dramatic interpretation came when Carrey screamed, "Somebody stop me!" from The Mask. Watch the clip for more. 

Despite being willing to reimagine his famous lines, Carrey previously told ET that he wasn't interested in remaking two of his top films. Watch the interview below for more: