Jimmy Kimmel Gives Update on Son Billy's Heart Condition on His 7th Birthday

The late-night host has raised more than $42,000 for Children's Hospital Los Angeles in one day.

Jimmy Kimmel is sharing a heartwarming family update. The late-night host took to social media on Sunday to celebrate his son, Billy's, seventh birthday, sharing the latest on his heart health. 

"Billy turns 7 today and is doing great thanks to the doctors, nurses, therapists and staff at @ChildrensLA & @CedarsSinai," Kimmel captioned his post. "Billy is asking friends 'to give $7 because I’m seven to help kids in the hospital.' (he also wants a spy kit) His goal is 'to raise $100 to help sick kids.' If you’d like to donate - thank you and link in bio." 

Back in 2017, Kimmel tearfully shared in a now-viral monologue that his son -- whom he shares with wife Molly McNearney -- had been born with a heart defect and underwent open-heart surgery at three days old. In the years since, Kimmel has echoed his gratitude to all those involved in his medical care in every post commemorating Billy's birthday since he was born. 

This year, Billy's birthday wish has far exceeded his $100 goal. At the time of publication on Monday morning, Billy's Children's Hospital Los Angeles fundraising site had raised more than $42,000. 

"This boy is seven years old because of you," Kimmel followed up in a later post. "Molly and I are overwhelmed by your generous donations to @childrensla and kind messages. Thank you for all the love. We wish you and your families good health and great friends."

"There's some bad things about being famous, and there are some good things about being famous, and one of the best things about it, is that you can shine a light on these people who really are the stars," Kimmel previously told ET at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles Gala in 2022. "When you can do something for somebody's kid, they become the most important people in the world, and to me, these people are."

After a series of multiple open heart surgeries for his son over the years, Kimmel shared at the time that Billy was doing just fine. 

"Billy's doing great. He's perfectly normal -- I shouldn't say he's normal, he's not a normal kid, he's a weird kid, but his heart is fine," Kimmel quipped. "He's a little screwy, that's all we're worried about right now. He's doing great."

He admitted that people can be "very hesitant" to ask about Billy, but they needn't be.

"They're like 'Is he OK?' And he's honestly no different physically than any of the other kids," Kimmel explained. "He can play sports -- he doesn't want to, but he can. He's always dancing and jumping around, and we wrestle all the time."

In addition to Billy, Kimmel and McNearney also share a 9-year-old daughter, Jane. The comedian is also dad to two adult children, 32-year-old Katie and 30-year-old Kevin, whom he welcomed with his ex-wife, Gina Maddy. 

Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearney - Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images

Earlier this month, Kimmel referenced Billy during an interview with Kirsten Dunst on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The Civil War actress and the host rehashed a recent classroom dispute between their sons, who attend school together, swapping two sides of a story involving sharpened pencils and some confusion over a chair. 

"They had a fight, you know," Kimmel said of Billy and Dunst's son, Ennis.

"Oh, I heard in our parent teacher conference," Dunst teased. 

Kimmel explained, "Yeah, there was a displacement there and then they both cried." 

"They both cried," Dunst echoed. "It was the only drama I heard. But they're a very sweet group of boys, they all get along very well in class." 

Get the full story in the video below.