Jodie Turner-Smith Reveals How She Uses Breast Milk as Part of Her Beauty Routine

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Jodie Turner-Smith learned a new beauty trick after becoming a mom. In an interview with Vogue, the 34-year-old actress reveals that her breast milk has become a key component of her beauty routine. Turner-Smith and her husband, Joshua Jackson, welcomed a daughter in April.

"Ever since I had my baby, my current beauty secret is that I put breast milk in all of my face serums," she says. "My skin is very sensitive, so I use a light cleanser, and then I put on a serum with aloe and breast milk that I literally squeeze right into my hands from my boob."

"I think it’s the lactic acid," Turner-Smith adds. "I’ve just found that the milk has been revolutionary."

While breast milk has improved the appearance of her skin, Turner-Smith says the beauty secret she most wants to teach her daughter is that confidence is more important than any product or serum.

"That self-­assuredness is what is going to help her navigate life," she says. "It’s important to impart to my daughter what is beautiful about her, and about who she comes from and where she comes from, and what is powerful about that."

Amid quarantine, Turner-Smith has been spending time with her husband, baby and mother.

"I had to learn how to breastfeed and how to be a mum -- it really worked out for my baby," she says of the necessity of quarantine, adding that having her family around was a "comfort" amid turbulent times.

"It doesn’t make sense that we still have to be screaming to the world that our lives matter. It doesn’t make sense that Black people are being senselessly mowed down by the police," she says. "It doesn’t make sense, this country’s response to the global pandemic. It doesn’t make sense that so many people are unemployed, and the government is bailing out corporations. But what did make sense, inside of that, was the love of my family."


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