Joey Fatone Says He Wants To Be a 'Masked Singer' Judge After Getting Massive Rabbit Tattoo (Exclusive)

The singer also dished to ET about hosting the upcoming 30-year reunion of the 'Mickey Mouse Club.'

For over two months, fans obsessed over The Masked Singer, trying to piece together clues to reveal the identities of the show's costumed contestants, and it was The Rabbit who proved to be one of the hardest stars to identify.

When it was finally revealed, just ahead of the season finale, that Joey Fatone was under the bizarre rabbit mask, the show's judges -- including Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger -- couldn't contain their surprise.

ET spoke with Fatone on the red carpet at the premiere of Disney's Dumbo, at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Monday, and the former boy band star hinted that he'd love to get a shot at guessing the identities of Masked Singer contestants himself when the show comes back for season two.

"I'd love to see a lot of different people out there, even a lot more people that maybe don't get a chance to sing… I don't wanna know who's gonna be on, 'cause [what if] I'm a judge on it," Fatone shared with a hinting wink and a nudge. "That'd be fun, because now that I have an inside view… So we'll see, hopefully."

Whether or not he joins the hotly anticipated second season, Fatone will carry around the memory of his time on the show forever, literally.

The singer revealed on Instagram on Sunday that he'd recently gotten a huge tattoo of himself wearing his Masked Singer Rabbit costume, and it covers most of his lower leg.

"It’s that time again!! Woo hoo tattoo!!! Any guesses?" Fatone posted on Instagram alongside a photo of himself laying down in a tattoo parlor. He followed that up with the big reveal.

Speaking with ET, Fatone also opened up about getting the chance to host the long awaited 30-year reunion of the Mickey Mouse Club, and he teased how the project has been coming along.

"As it keeps going more and more cast members are [signing on]. At the moment, we have, gosh, a lot of the cast," Fatone shared. "Do we have the heavy hitters? Not right now, [but we're] trying. We've actually reached out to Ryan [Gosling], we reached out to Christina [Aguilera], they reached out to Justin [Timberlake], and they reached out, obviously, to JC Chasez."

While the exciting reunion is still in the works, Fatone says he's looking forward to getting to reconnect former co-stars and colleagues for a nostalgia-filled gathering three decades later.

"They're actually gonna get together all the cast and all the old crew members. They haven't seen each other in literally 30 years, so it's gonna be fun to kind of get all these people together," he shared.

For more on Fatone's time on The Masked Singer, check out the video below.

Disney's Dumbo flies into theaters March 29.