John Krasinski and Jimmy Kimmel Break Down Their Most Outrageous Pranks on Each Other

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Nothing says friendship like pulling an insane prank on a pal!

On Tuesday, Jimmy Kimmel had John Krasinski on his late-night talk show, where the pair offered viewers a full breakdown of the shenanigans between them over the years. The host explained that they used to be neighbors and during their time living across the street from each other, a rivalry began. Kimmel shared that it all started with the Office star calling him up to see if he had anything to eat in his fridge. Krasinski clarified that he was often calling in order to figure out when he’d be home in order to exact his next prank on the comedian.

First, Krasinski simply put some Christmas decorations in Kimmel’s living room. In retaliation, the TV personality put a neon insurance sign in front of his neighbor’s home. Soon they were exchanging everything from reindeer poop to garden zombies to inflatable Christmas decorations.

Things were definitely kicked up a notch in 2013 when Kimmel completely decorated Krasinski’s L.A. home for the holidays. They brought in presents, Christmas trees and lights and made the residence totally unrecognizable. In return, the TV star gift-wrapped Kimmel's car, which included filling it with Christmas ornaments that spilled out upon opening.

Krasinski was joining Kimmel while broadcasting from Brooklyn, New York, not far from where the actor now lives. So, they ended the segment with Krasinski revealing that he had taken the liberty of making some arrangements to ensure his old friend felt welcome in his town. That’s when the camera cut to the home that Kimmel is staying in while in NYC, which Krasinski decorated with inflatable Christmas decorations and a sign that says: “Welcome Jimmy Kimmel, Who Is Renting This House!” Decorations also included a few street signs directing passersby to the home, as well as a man in an elf suit flipping a "Kimmel" sign around.

However, the cherry on top has to be when a gospel choir came out of the building. Their song doesn’t just invite anyone and everyone inside, they also sang the building’s door code.

“I think this is illegal,” Kimmel said, which Krasinski quickly agreed with. “Well, it’s funny you would say that, John. Because I also know where you live, I wish I was more prepared. I do know where you live but I didn’t do anything! It’s not even Christmastime… I guess, thank you. I guess we’ll be staying at your house tonight, probably?”

Check out the full clip above.


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