John Legend Reveals What Made Chrissy Teigen Cry at Their Anniversary Celebration in Italy

The couple renewed their vows among their friends and family in Lake Como, Italy, where they tied the knot on Sept. 14, 2013.

John Legend is looking back on his and Chrissy Teigen's 10th wedding "anniversary celebration" that took them back to where it all started.

Last month, the couple returned to their wedding destination of Lake Como, Italy, where Teigen, 37, previously revealed she first realized she wanted to marry her now-husband, 44. The pair, who tied the knot on Sept. 14, 2013, gathered with their friends and family -- including their children, Luna, Miles, Esti and Wren -- for a weekend of music, dancing and lots of love.

Reflecting on the joyous occasion, Legend notes that the couple pointedly don't call the weekend a vow renewal. "We had an anniversary celebration, and we gave each other speeches," he explains during an appearance on CBS Mornings on Wednesday. "In place of a vow renewal ceremony, we got up and spoke to each other authentically and, emotionally. It was beautiful."

While the couple's nuptials were unforgettable, Legend says having their children included in the celebration made the experience so impactful, that it overwhelmed his wife.

"Chrissy started crying when we pulled up to the wedding... the kids had just gotten there before us in a separate vehicle [and having] them being there to greet us, it was very different," he recalls. "And so that feeling of celebrating it with our kids, able to see it there and celebrate our love with us, and see the product of our love right there in front of us, it was pretty powerful."

He adds, "Years of experience together; you go through all the ups and downs together, all the tragedy, the triumph, all the joy ... it makes the anniversary, I think, even more beautiful and more meaningful than the wedding itself." 

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After the magical weekend, Teigen shared even more glimpses of her and the GRAMMY winner's four children from the happy couple's "perfect and emotional" celebration.

"I have so many things to share from this insanely perfect and emotional weekend but I still have not been able to put all my thoughts together," Teigen captioned the carousel of behind-the-scenes photos. "All i can muster up right now is that I am so grateful for our friends, our family and our lives. 💗."

Speaking to CBS Mornings, Legend reiterated the same sentiment and shared how much their family has changed with the arrival of Esti and Wren. The couple welcomed baby No. 3, daughter Esti, back in January, and then announced the arrival of son Wren, via surrogate, in June.

"I'm so enjoying it... It's a lot, but it's a lot more joy and love, a lot of energy in the house. We're enjoying it," he said of his and Teigen's full house. "I think [it's been a] big adjustment for the kids, the older kids. [They are] getting used to having babies around. They were used to being babies. So they had to get used to that. I think as parents we had to navigate that with them. And I think that was probably the biggest challenge."

Legend and Teigen have been candid about their journey with surrogacy, which the EGOT winner explains was how they found healing after the loss of their son, Jack. 

"You find out that there are a lot more people going through it than you would think," he shares. "A lot of people have felt shame around it, and I think we kind of demystified. They're not alone. It's more common than you think. Us talking about it has exposed us to a lot more stories of people going through it."

As Teigen and Legend juggle four kids at home, a source previously explained to ET how the celebrity pair makes it all work.

"Chrissy and John are super hands-on parents and always making their kids a priority," the source said. "They feel so happy as a big family and Chrissy often brings her older kids to work commitments she thinks they would enjoy. She adores being a mom and her kids are all so sweet together. Chrissy and John have help, so it helps them be able to do their jobs and also make time for each other."


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