John Mayer Gets Candid About His Sex Life, Hints at His Number

John Mayer
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The singer opened up to comedian Cazzie David on his Instagram Live talk show.

The man behind the song "Your Body Is a Wonderland" clearly isn’t afraid to get candid about his sex life.

John Mayer has been hosting an Instagram Live talk show called “Current Mood” and on Sunday, he brought writer and comedian Cazzie David on the show. 

Cazzie, daughter to Seinfeld creator and Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David, asked the 41-year-old singer-songwriter more personal questions, which prompted him to burst out laughing and give very forthright responses. As for whether a girl has ever asked Mayer to play his music during sex, he replied, “No, but a girl has asked me to sing some of my song in probably the run-up to it.”

He added, "I probably used my music to hook up a few times, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less from the heart.”

Cazzie then asked him to blink twice if he’d slept with more than 800 people and then to blink once if he’d slept with over 500 people. Both times he stared into the camera, unblinking. 

After she applauded this news, Mayer quipped, “What does it say about my expectations that if you find out I’ve slept with less than 500 people, it’s kind of impressive?”

He later referred to himself as being in the “sub-500 gang.” 

Cazzie noted that he’d probably had the opportunity to sleep with that many people. "I think being a famous man is somewhat similar to being a beautiful woman, which means yes there is access, there is very seldom any desire," he explained.

Mayer, who has dated Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and several other stars, added that as the years have gone by, his own popularity has seemingly diminished in the romance department. 

"I find people not being into me brings a real level of reality into my life, whereas when I was in my early ‘20s where I really couldn’t miss, I kind of abused that,” he confessed. "Not so long ago I gave a girl my number and she said, ‘I probably won’t use it.’"

The musician also shared a story about attending a star-studded Oscars party two years ago and noticed a difference in how he was received. “I saw Scarlett Johansson, and I said to myself for the first time in my life with the clearest of voices, ‘She wants nothing to do with you.’ And I found that really relieving,” he said.

This isn’t the first time Mayer has joked about the lack of celebrity interest in him. Back in June, he opened up on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen about being a taboo star. Watch the clip below for more: